How To Give Your Pre-Loved Stuff A New Home

OK ladies, now let’s get in formation – and evaluate all the stuff we have in our lives.

Some of us, a.k.a. the true maximalists, have a lot of stuff, some of them could almost be brand-new. And although we love them so, something at the back of our minds is telling us to give them a new home.

Whether it’s a much-loved contour pallette that you can’t bear to use or a copy of The Fault in Our Stars, here’s how you can find new owners for your pre-loved stuff.

1. Make sure they’re in good condition

The newer it looks, the higher are your chances of sending your preloved item to a new owner. Your preloved stuff should be almost barely used – maybe you’ve only worn that dress once to your cousin’s wedding, or you’ve only swatched that eyeshadow once.

And that book you loved to read once? Yep, only read once with barely a dog-eared page. Better yet, if they’re unused and just sitting in your wardrobe/ vanity/ bookshelf, looking pretty and ready to go to a new home.

2. Know why you want to let them go

It can be pretty tough to let go of something you’ve always loved, but never really used. You remember a time when you wanted it so much that you made the impulsive decision to purchase it, but you need to let it go to make some space for self-love and mental health.

Otherwise, the item, whether it’s a barely-worn piece of clothing or a cult-favourite eyeshadow palette that you’ve swatched only once, it’s okay to let things go sometimes to make space for more productive things to come!

3. Put them up on a consumer’s online marketplace


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Take lots of nice, accurate photos of your pre-loved stuff and upload it onto a buy-and-sell platform. Choose a an online marketplace that’s trustworthy, and most of all, allows the seller (a.k.a. you) to put their own price on the pre-loved items. After all, you can’t put a price on love, but you’ll probably know how much your items were priced before.

Take it down to a reasonable notch so viewers will be excited to potentially own your stuff. Hey, every girl has something another girl wants, so why not buy from each other. Check out our brand-new Likely Marketplace platform, the place where all ladies who love beauty and lifestyle buy, sell and gift to and from each other… and make some good money along the way!