An Introvert’s Guide To Exceptional Flirting

As an introvert, simply interacting with people you don’t know so well may be… cringey, to say the least.

But what if you like him? What if it could work out? People flirt because they want to alter the status of their relationship or get someone to notice them. Unfortunately, simply flirting may not come naturally to introverts. After all, the small talk, exchanging compliments and twirling your hair with your fingers may not be your style at all.

Introverts can flirt too, we’ll just do it a little differently. Here’s a guide on how to flirt with your potential partner if you’re an introvert.

Choose to flirt in smaller social settings

If you’d be more comfortable with a one-on-one date, then don’t be afraid to suggest it. It can be uncomfortable to flirt and try to get to know someone in a club where he can’t hear a word you’re saying, so no pressure there. However, if you’re meeting with friends for a gathering and he happens to be there, you can start by saying, “Hey, how are you?”

You don’t need to do all the talking (really).

Introverts are private people and we prefer to spend time with those we trust. You don’t need to be the one who does the talking, make him talk by asking open-ended questions, like “Oh. Why do you think so?” Make eye contact, and use your body language to show that you’re interested by nodding, smiling, and laughing when it’s appropriate.

Plan dates with activities

You may be unsure about what you’d like to do with each other when you’ve passed the flirting stage and started dating, so suggest dates with activities, like visiting the library or the museum. That way, it gives you both something to whisper about and you get to know each other better. If it seems to be getting quiet, you’ll have something to do quietly together too.

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