Finding “The One” – Pads & Other Menstrual Products

Having your period is literally such a pain. Commercials for sanitary products where women are happily dancing in the fields of grass wearing a white dress… gurl let’s get real.

It’s never going to happen, kind of like finding “The One.” Women manage to go on with our lives as if blood isn’t flowing out of our vagina. Plus, we may have put up with ill-fitting menstrual products since the beginning of our special time.

Thankfully, nowadays, most of us have different types of products to choose from when it comes to handling our Auntie Flo. Plus, there are different sizes of pads – which can be pretty exciting. Read on to find out which period product is right for you.

What is the most common sanitary product for women in Malaysia?

The most common ones here are pads as the average Malaysian woman isn’t used to sticking something into her vagina when she’s still bleeding. It was also the only option our moms gave us so we stick to what we’re used to. It’s important to make sure that your pad fits right otherwise, you may end up with a leak – which happens, but we don’t want the inconvenience of it. At this age, do we really have the patience to deal with ill-fitting pads? Luckily, there are different sizes of pads to choose from, and here’s what you need to know about finding the right pad size.

1. Determine your panty size

Check your hip measurement and the size of underwear that suits you. Your underwear size (S, M, L, XL) likely corresponds to your pad size to ensure that you don’t experience the dreaded overflow.

2. What is it like on a heavy flow day?

This will determine the length of your pad versus the amount of blood. It’s better to be safe than sorry so on a heavy flow day, find out what does the amount of blood look like? The heavier it is, the length of the pad recommended would be longer. We have a different rate of flow every day, so it’s not like we’ll always have to stick to uncomfortable overnights. Check out Libresse Green Tea Maxi Night Wings for your overnight flow needs.

And voila! You’ll get the perfect pad size for you. You can also take this quiz by Libresse to determine your pad size.

If you don’t like pads, thankfully we have quite a variety of alternative products to choose from:


While a pad stays outside the vagina, a tampon is inserted into our lady part to soak up period blood and expands as it does so. You may need some practice to insert it correctly. Anyway, you won’t feel the wet sensation when blood leaves your body, so tampons may suit you if that’s your call. Check out Veeda’s Tampons Applicator Super – it’s made from 100% organic cotton.

Menstrual cups

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Menstrual cups function very much like tampons, except that they collect blood instead of absorbing it. Once the cup is full, you may remove it from your vagina, empty and wash the cup for the next use. The good news is that menstrual cups are reusable (up to 10 years) and more eco-friendly compared to pads and tampons which generate waste.

Period panties

Don’t look so surprised because period panties exist. They’re a combination of panties and leak-proof elements that are sewn into the material, giving it a seamless appearance. It’s said that one period panty can be worn up to 11 hours a day. Some women even pair it with their pads to prevent leakage, because extra protection never hurts.

Okay, tell us which is your favourite menstrual product and why? We’d love to know!