How To Exude Confidence On A Date By Breaking Old-Age Stereotypes

Dating can be pretty daunting, especially if it’s your first time on a date with a guy who just asked you out. You want things to go well, we get it, but exuding confidence on a date can be hard when you’re a nervous wreck.

We’ve heard of stereotypes like what to eat, what to wear, and how to behave on a date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break it. And if you break these stereotypes, it doesn’t mean that your date won’t end well.

In fact, your date will probably go splendidly. Breaking these stereotypes can help you exude confidence and appear more attractive, really. Here are some age-old dating stereotypes you should break to exude confidence on your next date.

Stereotype #1: “Don’t wear too much makeup.”

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On the contrary, wear as much makeup as you’d like. If it makes you feel confident on the inside, why not do the most? Put on those false lashes, neon eyeshadow, dark lipstick, and add a dab of glitter. Your date should get to know you as you are, and not a subtle version of you. If you are someone who prefers a more natural look,

Stereotype #2: “And for the lady, a salad?”

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First of all, no thank you, unless you voluntarily choose the salad because it’s a good source of nutrients. However, the salad is actually not the best food to eat on a first date – especially if they contain chia seeds that can get stuck in between your teeth. You don’t want to accidentally smile at your date with a mouthful of chia seeds. Instead, choose what you’d like to eat, as long as it doesn’t mess up your lipstick.

Stereotype #3: “Be demure and attentive.”

Be attentive – yes. Your date deserves as much attention as you do. Be demure – not really. Sometimes, sitting still and being ‘ladylike’ can make some of us pretty anxious, especially if you’re the kind of girl who likes to express yourself. Pay attention to your date, ask interesting questions, but most of all, be yourself!