How To Deal With Your BFF Moving Away Forever

When you have a best friend, it’s like you’re two peas in a pod, never to be separated, and always in step with each other.

That is, until one of you moves away to another country. What if that happens to be your dear best friend?

Let’s just say this, if you’re best friend moves away, you’re probably drowning in a sea of sorrow, but at the same time, you want to be happy for her. She’s not leaving you forever… right? But two years may feel like forever, and if she’s moving in with her significant other, that’s a signal that she’s moving, permanently.

1. Be (sincerely) glad for her

No, she’s not moving away to leave you. Your bestie is probably moving to a new country for greener pastures. Perhaps she’s looking towards a better career, pursuing her studies or moving in with her significant over. Be glad for her even if you’re crying on the inside, and with technology, you can keep in touch all the time.

2. OK, so who do you hang out with next?

You don’t need to find new people to hang out with to fill the void your bestie left, but it’s a good start. How about getting on with those brunch plans you’ve had with your Twitter friend? Your BFF will probably make new friends at her new place too, accept it. You’ll always have a special place in her heart, though.

3. Keep in touch

Thanks to social media, it’s easy to keep in touch with your besties. However, you need to accept that you can’t be in touch constantly, and that contact may lessen with time. This doesn’t make you any less of a best friend, though. Your bestie will always seek you out when she needs you, and you can do the same.

4. Make plans to visit her

Well, she’s moving to a new country and it’s gonna be exciting to visit her for a weekend. It’ll be like a fun holiday. Make it a girls’ trip if you want to, but otherwise, nothing can beat the two of you strolling along the streets of a new city, new friends, and catching up on old stories.

You’re not losing your best friend – she may be moving away, but you’re best friends for a reason. Geography may keep you apart until your next visit, but you’ll always be best friends at heart.