How To Choose The Right Contour Shade For Your Skin Tone

Once a makeup technique reserved exclusively for the runway, more and more women are giving fierce angles to their face by contouring.

Popularized by Kim Kardashian and revolutionized by beauty gurus worldwide, contouring is the technique that gives women their desired face shape without having to go under the knife. Thank you, makeup gods!

Most contour products are formulated as cream or powder. So, before you suck in your cheeks and blend under your chin, let us help you choose the right contour shade for your skin tone. FYI, we’ll recommend some products and if you purchase using the links below, Likely may receive an affiliate commission.

Fair skin tones

Don’t fret, fair ladies, you can contour too without it looking muddy. Just be careful of shades that appear too golden or orange. Neutral taupe shades that imitate the look of a real shadow of your face should suit your paler complexion.

Check out the Dior Backstage Contour Palette to see of the shades suit you. Use a Beautyblender to blend your contour and keep everything looking seamless.

Medium skin tones

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Girls with medium and tan skin tones can play around with a wider variety of contour shades, so swatch away, [email protected] Choose a contour shade that has a golden undertone which is not more than 2 shades darker than your actual skin tone. You can use a bronzer to sculpt your face and give you that sun-kissed look.

Check out if the Hoola Toasted Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics will suit your skin tone perfectly.

Deep skin tones

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Babes with deeper skin tones would need a lot of warmth and depth in their contour shade. Choose a deep contour shade that has the right balance of cool and warm undertones. Shimmer bronze shades look exceptionally good on beauty enthusiasts with deeper skin tones, so lucky you!

Instead of going for the matte contour shades, choose shimmery shades that will add depth to your face. Check out Becca’s Sunlit Bronzer in Maui Nights to see if the shade suits you.