How To Choose Nail Colours According To Your Skin Tone

Writer: Farah Karim

Every time we try to pick a colour to paint our nails, there are so many things to consider. “Will this match me?” or “Is this going to clash with my outfit?” and most importantly, “Do I feel like wearing red or blue this week?” We all know that feeling. The truth is, the only way to find a nail colour that fits you is by matching it with your skin tone. As simple as that!

When you pick shades and hues that are too similar to your skin tone, they don’t exactly complement each other well as the colours might wash you out. While skin tone is one thing, another thing to take into consideration is your undertone. You want the colour to complement your complexion and give it another dimension.

Source: Valeria Boltneva/Pexel

Light skin tone:

For someone with a fair complexion, colours that have a white undertone to it wouldn’t do your skin tone justice. This will risk washing you out and make yourself look fairer than normal. Sheer nudes, bright pink and pastel colours are what look best on someone with a light skin tone. Avoid going for colours like beige that could show up as yellow or anything with a warm undertone to it. Sticking to cool toned colours will complement your complexion on any occasion!

Here are some of our recommendations for those with a light skin tone but still want to have a little fun with their nail colours:

Source: Essie Envy

Name: Essie Neon Nail Colour in Coacha-bella

Price: USD$9 (RM37)

Source: All Lacquered Up

Name: OPI Over & Over A-Gwen

Price: USD$16 (RM67)

Source: Anna Belle/Google+

Name: Nails Inc. Nailkale Polish in St. Duke Street

Price: GBP£14 (RM76)

Medium skin tone:

Medium skin tones can range from bronzy glow to yellowish olive. A lot of the colours for medium skin tones depend heavily on your undertone. In contrast to those with light skin tones, you need colours that are yellow-based. Warm undertones are your best friend and colours like peachy-pink, intense blue, deep red and purple are the way to go. Cool toned colours will only clash with the warm glow that you naturally exude and make you stand out — in bad way. Yikes!

Source: gopolished

Name: Essie Nail Polish in Kimono Over

Price: USD$9 (RM37.15)

Source: Lacquered Bits

Name: Essie Nail Polish in Make Some Noise

Price: USD$7 (RM28.90)

Source: Indian Beauty Maniac

Name: Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy in Get Lucky

Price: USD$7.50 (RM31)

Dark skin tone:

The common misconception with dark skin tones is that dark with dark is the best combo. That is completely untrue! Dark skin tones are able to pull off amazingly high impact colours and aside from complementing your deep skin tone, these wonderful pop of colours will also make your hand stand out. While those with dark skin tones can pull off dark colours like wine red or dark purple, they can also pull off colours like bright fuchsia, baby blue and bright red. Similar to those with light skin tones, sheer, cool based formulas are your best friends.

Source: beautyintact

Name: OPI Samoan Sand

Price: USD$10.50 (RM44)

Source: Peachy Polish

Name: Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Drunk In Love

Price: USD$10 (RM 42)

Source: I Relish Nail Polish

Name: Sinful Colours Professional Nail Colour in Thimbleberry

Price: USD$5.80 (RM24)