How To Care For Asian Hair In Hot And Humid Weather

Just like how Asian skin types can be different from Western counterparts, Asian hair also has its own set of unique challenges—and often overlooked in the homogenised world of beauty. In Asian countries, due to humidity, the hair becomes oily, dirty and tangled. Therefore, one has to make necessary amendments in the hair care routine, so that our mane remains healthy even in the most weather. 

Avoid Excess Oil & Conditioning Agents 

For Asian women, it’s normal for your hair to be less dense. So by adding more oils and conditioning agents can weigh the hair down and cause product build-up. It is best to avoid any products that contain lots of oil, as well as heavy moisturising conditioners as they can weigh the hair down and make it look flat and greasy.

(Source: Sephora)

We recommend using KRISTEN ESS Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo that contains Sunflower, Mango and Avocado extract. This shampoo helps wash away impurities while leaving your natural moisture intact. Free from paraben, oil and sulphate acid, you can use this on the finest, thinnest hair or the thickest, curliest hair and get the same perfect results. It keeps natural moisture intact and reduces dryness and frizziness.

Pick The Right Serum

The trick with dealing with humidity is to get the outermost layer of the hair, the cuticle, to lay as flat as possible. In that case, use a serum. After washing, rub some serum on your palms and gently massage your hair using your fingers—start on the ¾ perimeter of your hair and bring it all the way down. Remember to avoid your scalp area. A few drops are enough. 

We picked Pantene Miracles Dual Active Oil Serum comes with innovative design, offering a milk type serum to penetrate the hair and the gel oil to lock it in, which come in vacuum separated tubes in one bottle. For best results, use along with Pantene Miracles Energy Day Mist and Overnight Milk, specifically designed to treat your hair during the day and night. 

Apply Anti Frizz Products

An anti-frizz product is important to get ultimate smooth results. If you’re going to blow out your hair, make sure to apply the right product of anti-frizz. Use a round brush to lift the hair upwards on medium heat. Once the hair is about 85 percent dry, grab a flatiron and gently straighten your hair to keep them in place. 

We suggest Drunk Elephant’s Wild Marula Tangle Spray—a leave-in mist that restores natural movement by effectively detangling hair and increasing hair’s manageability and shine without weighing it down. This hair mist contains nutrifying plant oils—including sacha inchi seed, pracaxi seed, marula and argan, that help condition and penetrate the hair shaft, strengthening it against the high temperatures of hair straighteners and dryers.