How To Be Happy After Report Showed M’sians Are Unhappy

Are we that unhappy? According to the 2019 World Happiness Report, we sort of are! The report ranked Malaysia as the 80th happiest country in the world, which meant we dropped 45 places since last year from 35th.

Previously in 2018, we came in 2nd happiest in Southeast Asia and now, we’re ranked 4th! Funny how you think you’re doing okay but in fact, are we just that oblivious we our depressed feelings, that we just go along in life? Maybe you just need to make some slight changes into living a happier life!

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1. Love people, use things

This is the mantra by 2015 documentary, The Minimalists. It showed Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus making sense of the actual important aspects of their life. Here they explain every time you feel like spending on something shiny, question why – is it because of how it may make you look or because you feel the need to impress someone? Think why do you care what they thought about you. If they’re true friends, they wouldn’t really care about you owning materialistic things.

Focus your energy on spending time with your loved ones than spending your hard earned money on objects that may not last forever instead.

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2. Know what you can control and what you can’t 

Oh the stress of having things not to go your way! We try to control everything even at times when it’s really out of our hands. It’s really human nature to do so. But in return, we give ourselves a headache. Relax and realise that you can’t always steer the road. For instance, you can’t control people’s actions and what people think. However you can control your attitude, words, thought and choices.

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3. Luxury labels does not define you

With the current economy, it’s seriously hard to survive. Especially if you’re living alone! Heck, you probably need to even ask your parents for some loan because your basic salary may not be able to support your needs. But here’s the thing, do you fall into peer pressure? Do you feel the need to splurge on luxuries that you simply can’t afford, just to be included? Skip that and make a choice to save that cash for a rainy day instead. When you do have extra, that’s when you get something nice for yourself.

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4. Don’t take it personally

If we take everything personally, we’ll end up drowning in a pool of tears and heartaches. Not to mention, the amount of money you’ll have to spend on pills and facial creams to fix those wrinkles. Don’t let the actions of someone else dictate your happiness. Fix it if you need to and then move on.