How To Avoid The “Sushi Face” Without Compromising Your Diet

Just after a night of sushi and drinks with your besties, you find yourself waking up with a puffy face and dark circles under your eyes.

And you have an important date today, eep! What happened?

The sushi face is real, y’all. It can get to you, whether you have an important date, an interview, or an event the next day.

What is “sushi face”?

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The sushi face is a term coined by actress Julianne Moore in an interview with New York Magazine, who claims that her face will be puffy after eating the Japanese delicacy. Although her husband loves sushi, Julianne prefers to restrict herself at certain times. She said:

“No, I’m not doing it the night before the Golden Globes.”

And now that we’re seeing it, our sushi-loving selves are kinda nodding in agreement.

Why does the sushi face happen?

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It’s not actually because of the sushi itself, it’s because of sodium contained in soy sauce, and we love dipping it in soy sauce, don’t we? Besides wasabi, of course, which is a pretty wasa-bae part of the dish. Eating all that salty stuff can cause your body to retain water, and not in a good way.

Thankfully, the sushi face is temporary

Most of the time, the effects of eating a high-sodium meal only lasts for 24 hours. If you’ve got an important date, though, you can avoid it by drinking lots of water when you’re eating to avoid water retention, sleep with your body sitting up so that the fluid doesn’t retain at your face and make it puffy and avoid alcohol at all costs.