How To Avoid Drunk, Clingy Guys After A Party

With the festive season and New Year around the corner, there are bound to be parties knocking round your door.

And when there are parties, you know that booze and guys are going to be a part of the package. Which is great, of course, until the guy becomes drunk and clingy. No thanks, you’ve got enough drama of your own.

We’re all up for meeting new guys, especially if you’re single and so ready to mingle. But being drunk is a major turnoff to most girls. So how do you avoid this hot mess? Read on because this article might just come in handy.

1. Party in a group 

If you’re planning to party the night away, go with a group on friends that you really trust. Come up with a sign for you to notify your friends if a guy that you totally dislike comes after you. That way, if this drunk guy harasses you, your girlfriends would be prepared to save your ass. It helps if you’re hanging nearby to your friends.

For example, excuse yourself and say, “Hang on, let me just get my drink from my friend”. Then quickly notify your friends of the situation, and leave.

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2. Get a fake boyfriend 

This might seem silly, but if you have a GBF (Gay Best Friend), he might just be the perfect wing-man for your night out. Otherwise, you could just get that guy you’ve friend-zoned for years to be your date for the night. So if you get approached by guys that you’re not keen in, hold on to your wing-man and introduce him as your “boyfriend”. Strangers should get the hint and back off.

For example: “That’s funny! My boyfriend would love this, he’s just over there”.

3. Unleash your inner bitch

By this, we mean to be blunt. Tell the dude as it is. Sure, you’re a nice person, but if the guy doesn’t get the hint no matter how many times you’ve told him that you’re not into him, it’s time to show the bad side. Sometimes, a girl just has to stand up for herself. The most important thing is to stay calm, be polite and firm when turning the guy down.

For example: “I’m sorry, I hate to break it to you buddy, but you need to back off because I’m not into you”.

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4. Leave him with your fake number 

You’re tired of babysitting this clingy AF dude and you need to make an exit. What do you do? Tell him you have to leave. Pretend like you’re in a major “OMG I’m so late, I could get into trouble”, but he can always contact you with this number. But it’s not going to be your real number, pass him your fake number instead. Just keep a couple of papers in your purse and pass it to him as if you’re in a hurry.

For example: “Oh shoots, my ride’s here. I’ve got to go, but feel free to contact me with this number. Bye!” Then leave ASAP.

5. Be a daddy’s girl 

A fool-proof way to scare a guy off? Mention your daddy! Any guy who’s just looking for a one night stand is bound to runaway when daddy gets into the mix. Usually, meeting the dad would mean commitment or a long term future. Trust us before you know it, these creeps would go M.I.A!

For example: “My dad would be so glad to meet you, he’ll be fetching me after this, would you like to meet him?