How To Avoid Burning Out While Looking For Love

Dating can be exhausting, and sometimes we just want a break from it… forever. All that makeup, anticipation and preparation can really drain one’s extrovert energy quota.

But If you don’t date, you can’t find love. It’s a vicious cycle but we can’t avoid our need to look for love. Besides, it’s actually fun when you’re not tired of meeting different people and asking them the same questions.

So, here is how you can avoid burning out when you’re dating, so you can find the love you truly deserve.

Space out your dates

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Avoid scheduling back-to-back dates so you don’t exhaust yourself. Give yourself some room to think and process dates. Ideally, you should go out on dates twice a week, but if you can handle it thrice a week, we don’t see why you shouldn’t do it. Find a schedule that works for you and work with it, so you don’t feel fatigued at the end of every date.

Don’t say “yes” immediately

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It may be tempting to say “yes” to every date – I mean, you’re the hot stuff right now. If someone asks you on a date, check your schedule first. Only accept dates that will be good for you, because you’ll be putting in a tonne of effort too. Don’t book yourself up, especially if you have better stuff to do than see a man you barely know.

Keep living your best life

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Yep – keep living for yourself, queen. You don’t need to put your life on halt just so you can continue dating. The future isn’t written yet, so it’s best to take time for you and enjoy yourself. Take up your hobbies, meet up with your besties, and start a business if you want to. If mediocre dates get you down, you’ll need every bit of your awesome self to put some light back into your life.