Use These Easy Steps To Ask For Free Beauty Samples

Did you know that you can get beauty samples from Sephora, even in Malaysia? You’ve probably heard that people in the U.S. or beauty gurus often ask for beauty samples, and guess what?

You can do it too. Remember that time when you bought a product that everyone raved about but it didn’t work on you? What a rude awakening! Beauty samples are especially useful to avoid these scenarios and test out products on your skin.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast and terribly shy to ask for beauty samples – because let’s face it, the saleslady can be really scary – this is the article for you. Follow the next few steps to score the best beauty samples ever!

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1. Look out for an approachable salesperson

The best time to do this is when the store is quiet, and not during the lunch hour or weekend chaos. Store employees are more likely to shower you with product samples when you’re the only friendly customer around. Hint that you’ve heard good things about the brand and really want to try the product, but you’re afraid it’ll break you out. If all else fails and the salesperson refuses to give you product samples, come back again another day and ask someone else. Remember, don’t give up.

2. Build a friendship with the store employees

If you frequent the Sephora near your office already, why don’t you build some sort of a relationship with the store employees? Say a nice “hello” every time you step into the store, and ask for help whenever you need. Even if you don’t shop very often, a salesperson will remember someone who frequents the store, is polite to everyone, and seems genuinely interested in buying their products.

3. If you’re already planning to buy the product, approach with knowledge

You’ll look less like a sample hoarder if you seem interested in the product. Start by saying, “Hey, I’ve heard about this primer from a magazine and it claims to cover up pores. I’m really interested to try it.” A Sephora makeup artist is more likely to let you dip into her precious stash of samples when you know and understand a product. Knowledge is power.

4. If you really hate talking to people, try buying makeup online.

If you shop online, on the Sephora app for example, your order will probably arrive with at least 3 product samples in the package. Sometimes, while stocks last, the app lets you choose the samples that you want to try, but they’re only available for a range of limited products. if you’re interested in the product, however, the sample could be really helpful to you.

Beauty samples are everything, especially if you have sensitive skin. Let us know if you used these methods to score free beauty samples from the nearest stores.