How Often Is Too Often: Haircuts

The answer to the question, “How often should I get my hair cut?” is difficult to answer. Simply because people have different natural hair types, some get different chemical processes done and others have different hair care steps that they take. The general rule is that you should get your hair cut every 6 weeks but as there is no one size fits all rule (similar to opinions on how often you should wash your hair) here’s how often you should haul yourself over to the salon if you have…


Curly Hair

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Curly hair has its own variations and thus, more flexibility when it comes to booking hair cuts. You’ve got tight curls, medium curls and loose curls. The common issue with curly hair is the fact that it can get dry, fast. As a result, people who are careful to maintain their hairs hydration will be able to delay their haircuts to every three to four months, sometimes even to twice a year. The only thing to look out for is to ensure that cuts are too drastic in their length as curls are bound to bounce up and too much length can cause curly hair to look stringy.


Wavy/ Straight Hair

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Naturally straight or wavy hair is easier to maintain, with a period of eight to 12 weeks between cuts. On a side note, if you have “virgin hair” – hair that has not been chemically changed (also without ever being touched by any hot-tools like curlers and straighteners), you don’t have to worry about hair cuts that often. To ensure that you don’t look frayed, you can schedule your cuts at three-month intervals instead.


Short – Medium Hair

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Medium to short hair requires more frequent visits to the salon, usually at intervals of six to 12 weeks. It is easier for shorter cuts to look overgrown and messy faster because of the way it’s been shaped. For shorter cuts that have been styled a certain way (i.e. pixie cuts, straight bobs), it is best to get your hair trimmed every four to eight weeks to maintain its shape and to keep you looking #fresh.


Long Hair

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Hair grows at a rate of half an inch ( more or less 1.27cm) a month. People with long hair (or layered hair) are advised to go for trims to get rid of their hair ends every 8 to 10 weeks. This is because long hair is old hair. And as it grows, the older sections of it (towards the ends) will be susceptible to breakage and split ends. Trimming half an inch off in the abovementioned intervals will allow for you to keep your long luscious locks while getting rid of fragile and split ends.


Chemically Processed Hair

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Whether you’ve got bleached, coloured, permed or straightened hair, your hair has been broken down to adapt to the changes you’ve made to it. If you have done any of the processes mentioned to your hair, you might notice that your hair is drier and more frayed than people who have not done any sort of chemical alteration to their hair. Once you’ve gone through some sort of chemical processing, there is no way to heal your hair completely with the only option being to allow it to grow out. It is advisable for you to get your hair cut every month or month and a half.


And finally, here’s a hair myth debunked:

Regular hair cuts do not make your hair grow faster!

It simply keeps your hair healthier and less frayed – and who wouldn’t want that?