#MenAskLikely: How Do You Know If You’re Ready For A Relationship?

Are you ever ready for a relationship? These are one of the many FAQs asked by the men who read our website.

Most of us tend to tell ourselves that we’re “not ready,” but in doing so, we may miss out on meeting our soulmate.

But how do you define if you’re ready for a real, serious relationship? Well, here are four signs that may help you identify your level of readiness before you jump the gun. Thanks for asking, Alex* (name has been changed).

1. You’re cool with being yourself

The most important thing about getting into a serious relationship is being happy with who you are, the highs, lows, good and bad. You like yourself, and you’re cool with it. You don’t try too hard to impress anyone, and you understand that loving yourself is significant in building a healthy relationship.

2. You’re not looking for a rebound

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If you’ve just got out of a relationship, it’s best to wait a while before you get into another one so you’ll avoid a rebound. Some rebound relationships work out, but you need to be sure about your intentions before getting together with someone if you’re truly serious.

3. You know what you want from a relationship

In this new relationship, you know exactly what you want for it, whether it’s marriage (in the future), companionship or stability. You know what you want and how you’ll get there, so don’t fret, you’re all set for a real relationship. You need to be honest with yourself and your future partner about what you want, and you acknowledge that.

4. You’re ready to be vulnerable

At this stage of life, you’re ready to put yourself out there and make an emotional connection with your future partner. That means you won’t ever keep secrets or hide your feelings from them, and you’re ready to communicate openly about your relationship. It’s difficult to be entirely truthful, but it takes a whole lot of courage, self-love and confidence to be vulnerable with someone else. Don’t value your ego more than your partner, we’re sure she will understand.