How Do Ionic Hair Dryers Work?

Writer: Farah Karim

The world of hair styling products is more complicated than you think. While the hair dryer is the staple of every woman’s household, not every hair dryer is the same. Well, they all work towards drying hair but the little details are what makes them different. With so many different types from ionic, to titanium, tourmaline and even ceramic, it’s easy to get confused and settle with the wrong one.

The hair dryer we’re going to look at today is ionic hair dryers. Growing in popularity, this type of hair dryer is ideal for those with frizzy hair and those who want to dry their hair quicker.

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The science behind it

The question is, how does it actually work? If you took science in secondary school, you’re probably familiar with the word ‘ion’. Your hair has both negatively and positively charged ions which helps some hair care products work better.

When there’s water, that means it’s positively charged. What happens in ionic technology is that negatively charged ions are generated when the air passes through the metal coil in the hair dryer and onto your hair strands. This helps break down the positively charged water molecules and dries the hair while keeping it hydrated, smooth and silky — making sure that the moisture in your hair gets locked in for that shiny look.

However, the ions might get rid of your frizz but to make sure it stays tamed, finishing it off with a whisk of hair gel, hair mousse or hair spray will keep the frays away.

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But be careful

The big problem with ionic hair dryers is that most people are so used to ordinary hair dryers that they don’t realise when to stop. In the end, lots of women end up over-drying their hair, wasting time and energy. If you have fine hair, using the dryer too long might risk damaging your hair. What’s more, ionic hair dryers are also significantly more expensive. Because of the technology and how expensive it is to produce, it’s definitely not as cheap as your typical hair dryer.

That’s not it, using ionic hair dryers in the long-term might also cause your hair to brittle (which goes with any heating tool if you use it everyday, really). Use them sparingly to minimise any damage!

Should you make the switch to an ionic hair dryer?

If you’re someone with frizzy and thick hair that takes too long to dry with a conventional hair dryer, buying an ionic hair dryer will make your morning (or night) routine way easier. However, they’re not suitable for styling whatsoever and if you’re someone who has flat hair, it won’t give you any volume or bounce. Besides, if you’re someone with thin or short hair, it won’t do you justice either.

It’s not all bad though. There are so many types of hair dryers, all you have to do is find the right one for your hair type.