9 Colours That Look So Good With “Living Coral”

As you all know, the year is coming to an end pretty soon (one more day, bbs), and it seems that everyone’s excited about Pantone’s Colour Of The Year for 2019: “Living Coral”.

Described as an animating shade of orange with a pink undertone, the colour was actually chosen for a good cause — which is to bring a happier vibe to the world, sort of like a big hug that can make us feel good and a lot less zombied out. Technology, am I right?

God knows we could all do with a heavy dose of optimism right now, so here’s to being surrounded by Living Coral.. starting with our wardrobe. The colour is universally flattering on all skin shades, but in case you’re not sure on how to match the salmon-y shade with other colours, don’t worry because the options are endless!

On Purple

It can be quite impossible to match purple with other colours, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. So forget about your neutral-hued outfits and take this chance to don brighter shades with confidence. Trust us, all eyes will be on you.

On Yellow

We are totally LIVING for this look. Matching yellow and coral brings life to your face, while making you seem youthful and carefree.

On White

One word = DAMN. We initially thought that matching coral and white would be boring, but much to our surprise, it’s the exact opposite. Simple, yet absolutely stunning and elegant.

On Aqua / Light Green

Such a versatile shade. It looks chic when paired with Aqua, while pairing with green gives a tropical vibe.

Coral On Coral 

Another proof that it looks good on all women —  black, white, Puerto Rican or Asian you name it — and fabulous on all skin tones too!


If you’re feeling a lil’ funky, go all out by matching it with various colours. Who knows, you might even be a trendsetter among your friends 😉

On Pink

On Black

Of course, you can never, ever go wrong with black.

On Orange

Don’t be afraid to wear the same colours on top of each other, because word is, 2019 is all about matching different clothing items with the same hues!