Hospital Putrajaya Lodges A Police Report Against Dayangku Intan & Azwan Ali For Defamation; Both Respond

As people abide by the movement control order and quarantine themselves at home, more support for the people on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic (healthcare workers, police and the like) has been pouring in. And as stories of their difficulties are highlighted in the media, we’re given insight into just how important it is for us to stay home to help curb the spread of the virus. However, very recently, a video posted by Dayangku Intan and, subsequently Diva AA (a moniker used by Azwan Ali) has been circulating online. In response to the videos, Hospital Putrajaya has made a police report against them, citing the videos as having defamed the credibility of the hospital’s image, its staff as well as the credibility of all medical personnel handling the COVID-19 outbreak.

The first video posted by singer Dayangku Intan on her Facebook page shows her explaining how after experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 patients (fever, headache, sore throat and body aches) for the past week, she went to Putrajaya Hospital for a check-up after being recommended to do so by her friend, who also happens to be a doctor. However, after receiving less than satisfactory care, she detailed her experience via the 11-minute video.  Diva AA (a.k.a. Azwan Ali) then released a video supporting Dayangku Intan alongside the tweet (both have since been deleted) –


Image obtained from Rotikaya


The director of Hospital Putrajaya, Datuk Dr Nora’i Mohd Said, shared an official statement:


She cited Dayangku Intan as “a high-impact celebrity” and Diva AA’s support on Youtube, with the issue being amplified by the harsh words aimed at the healthcare workers who were on duty,  for why the hospital had to take action.

The public need to always be aware of the situation surrounding the spread of COVID -19. The healthcare workers involved have followed the guidelines set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health for the duration of the handling of this pandemic. They are exhausted, and are forced to put aside their own families for this dangerous job. The release of these videos has put them under further emotional pressure in a time when moral support and strength should be given.”


In response, Azwan Ali posted an apology video on both his Instagram and Youtube accounts.


His Instagram caption reads,


An open apology to all nurses, doctors and the management of Putrajaya Hospital that were offended by Diva AA’s statement. Diva AA appreciated all the effort and commitment all the frontliners put into serving the country.”

He expresses his wish to redeem his (problematic and controversial) past. In addition to hoping for forgiveness, he has also promised to provide the hospital staff with Rendang that he has cooked himself. On the flip side, Dayangku Intan has stood by her words. As reported by Harian Metro, Dayangku Intan has shared,


From the very beginning, I’ve hoped for this issue to be solved amicably. In reality, this issue should not only be seen from one side of the story. You’ve got to watch the full video. After uploading the video, no one from the hospital contacted me to discuss it. If they had, I would have been ready to cooperate.”


Fans have reacted strongly against both Dayangku Intan and Diva AA for their carelessness in addressing the issue, especially with the platform that they have as celebrities. Some have taken things too far, bringing up Intan’s recent loss of her daughter in comments that condemn her actions. However, to quote the Director of Hospital Putrajaya, this is a time for moral support and strength. Let’s remember why this is an issue in the first palace: we need to do our parts in sharing love support and awareness. Avoid personal attacks against people who have shown a lack of awareness. Educate them, advise them and respond rather than react.