3 Horrors That Could Happen If You Fail To Balance Between Social Media & IRL

As we progress with technology, social media has become a big part of our daily life. We can’t meet someone without asking for their social media handles right? Gurl, this is how we keep in touch these days.

Unfortunately, Black Mirror portrays an underlying and particularly disturbing message about where we’re progressing with social media.

Here are three unfortunate things that ~ could ~ happen if we fail to find a balance between social media and our relationships in real life.

1. When a personality becomes a politician

PS: It’s already happening, isn’t it? The Waldo Moment tells the story of a CGI cartoon bear who rises in politics thanks to his ideals and entertaining personality. Waldo the bear is an extremely popular TV character, yet his creator Jamie is as depressed as the bear is loved by the public.

Of course, there hasn’t been a time when artists don’t have their work enticed away from them. Soon, Jamie has Waldo taken away from him by other ambitious politicians, and they win the elections together with the bear. With actors and other entertainment figures entering the world of politics, The Waldo Moment doesn’t actually feel far off from reality.

2. Extreme helicopter parenting

Based on what we’ve seen in Arkangel, helicopter parenting can go a step too far. Sarah’s mom, Marie, gets a microchip implanted into her daughter so she is able to control what she sees and feels. She goes a step further to censor what is deemed as ‘scary’ to her daughter. Sarah is unable to identify the simplest things such as dogs, and blood. Soon, Sarah grows up and Marie sees her having sex and snorting cocaine with a boy.

The fact that Sarah is unable to see blood causes grief for her mom in the end when the girl loses her temper and bashes up her mom. The problem is -she couldn’t see the damage she was doing. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Parental guidance is necessary, but only for the things that matter.

3. We may be ranked, and rank others

We saved the best for last. You’ve seen Nosedive, the episode where everyone is ranked by everyone else in the blink of an eye, based on how they interacted and who they hang out with. The minute you see someone, you can also see their ranking. The ones with high ranking (4.5 stars and above) get certain privileges like flights and discounts on property. The ones with lower rankings are considered as outcasts. So, you can imagine how everyone tries to be peppy and presentable

Being kind to lower-ranked individuals will only cause the higher-ranked ones to rate you lowly. China’s government is in the midst of developing a social credit system based on citizens’ behaviour. So it may not be long before our world descends into a nosedive (we hope not!).