Holding A Grudge Is Actually Good For You

When someone upsets us, it’s normal to get mad. If it’s a bad fight, we might just hold grudges. The thing of about holding grudges, we’re always saying how unhealthy it is to hold a grudge. But is it really?

Here are five times holding a grudge may actually do some good for your well-being.

1. Sticking to your set boundaries 

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It’s a natural reaction to pull back and not talk to them right away when you feel like you’ve been used or taken advantage. It happens. Having grudges allows you to set boundaries and space with toxic people.

2. When you need time to process things 

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Bad breakup? Boyfriend cheated? Holding it to your heart will give you time apart from that relationship to find clarity. There must be a good, solid reason for you to hold a grudge.

3. Learn to see another perspective

To get rid of grudges, you need to understand where is this feeling of resentment coming from. Hence, opening your eyes to someone else’s perspective, opinions, actions and behaviours. It’s a whole learning process!

4. Finally owning self-love and self-respect 

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When you don’t back down, you are making a statement for yourself – respect and love. Maybe holding grudges isn’t a bad thing if it meant standing up for ourselves for something that we believe in.

5. Improves your communication 

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Fighting leads to grudges. This is a way of you expressing yourself and dissatisfaction. Besides, it will help you to voice your concerns the next time so that it doesn’t lead to a brawl.