Hohoho! Scrooging Is The Sh*ttiest Thing That Could Happen On Christmas

You’ve most probably heard of cat-fishing or overlapping, but this particular dating term comes back to haunt us every Christmas. If you’ve ever been dumped just before the holiday season, you… my friend has been ‘Scrooged’!

What is ‘Scrooging’? 

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The term which was first coined by eHarmony is basically the act of dumping someone before the holidays in order to avoid having to buy them a gift. What a sh*tty way to start the holidays!

Rachel Lloyd, a rep for eHarmony told MetroUK, “Often people in relationships get anxious about what to buy their partner, particularly if they’re not given any clues.”

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“If this is the case speak to your partner’s best friend or close relatives and get some advice. If you’ve been Scrooged this Christmas, take heart. That person was never right for you in the first place and you’re one step nearer to finding someone who is.”
The worst part, it’s all because of gifts! 

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Scroogeing happens for a couple of reasons: (A) If the scrooger has overspent and simply can’t afford to buy their partner a gift or (B) If they’re struggling to think of what gifts to get for their date. Either way, it’s definitely not a legit reason to break up with someone. Bah Humbug!