Highlight Your Face With Faux Swarovski Crystal Freckles

#ICYMI, fake freckles are on the trend right now among beauty influencers.

But looks like we have a new contender in town. Move along, henna freckles — because Swarovski Crystals are the newest faux freckles fix that people are using to highlight their faces.

Recently, fashion designer and winner of Project Runway Season 4, Christian Siriano, made some bling-ing headlines by incorporating crystals brilliantly at his Fall 2019 New York Fashion Week presentation.

Jaw-dropping, right? Ashley Graham is literally dripping in diamonds! Aside from amazing silhouettes, the other element in his fashion show that caught our attention are the shiny, sparkling crystals on the models faces.

Makeup artist for the fall show, Erin Parson initially wanted to use rhinestones on the faces of models like Ashley Graham — but she insisted on Swarovski crystals to match Siriano’s bedazzled collection.

Parson said, “I wanted to create it like a veil. Whenever I do stones I usually do them very organically. It almost feels like freckles or beauty marks.”

Woah, that’s definitely one expensive beautiful mark. Unless someone wants to sponsor us those gems, I guess we’ll just stick to henna freckles for now.