Nabila Huda Has A Message For Fellow Malaysians, ‘’Prison Is Fun!’’

Malaysia’s top actress, Nabila Huda took a different approach in advising her ‘’friends’’ who were particularly stubborn and defiant during the Movement Control (CPP) Order. Nabila Huda (better known as Abil), 36, said, ‘’It’s okay, don’t sit at home. I want to encourage you to go on a vacation with a hospital check-in. Isn’t it fun?’’

Because there will always be a virus. The doctor injects a large needle and takes the blood. Then do a test run from nose to throat. Yes, are you excited for a ‘check in’ hospital?

As we all know, Malaysia has been under the Movement Control Order (MCO) since March 18, due to at war with the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, the government has ordered everyone to stay inside of the house and maintain social distancing to keep the virus from spreading. However, the sheer stubbornness of some Malaysians can still be seen despite weeks after the nationwide MCO was put into effectMont Kiara joggers? 

The two-minute video was uploaded on her IGTV Instagram yesterday and an average number of celebrities and social media users were entertained by Nabila’s sarcastic lines. 

I know everyone misses vacation. That’s why I asked for a check in jail. That’s interesting. I heard the story, there, you have to change into purple or orange clothing, put on slippers and you can leave all your designer shoes in the dungeon

She even added, ‘’The toilet is shared and you have to clean it by yourself. I’m sure your parents would be proud of you cleaning the toilet. So, to all my ‘’friends’’, don’t stay home’’. Here’s the full video: 

Couple of days ago, Nabila’s father, Amy Search (yes, the legendary rock star), had called out certain production companies who continue to shoot films even though the government had issued a restriction with MCO and considered the issue to not be taken lightly. He urged his daughter to ”packed her things and come home”, 

In another news, Nabila Huda—or Abil—will return to the silver screen soon with her latest movie titled “Rahsia” which has just finished filming.