Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Taking The Perfect Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies were pretty much invented by the fashion girls onlinebefore front facing cameras and Instagram, girls who wanted to show off their outfit would cleverly take photos in mirrors, and this idea has stuck around ever since!

And with the mirror selfie, it offers a more intimate, casual medium. It gives you the opportunity to pull the image back and show more of your surroundings and personality. Still, this doesn’t mean that they are an easy task. Finding the perfect angle can be almost impossible. So we have rounded up our top tips for taking the perfect mirror selfies!

Girls who wanted to show off their outfit would cleverly take photos in mirrors. It offers a more intimate, casual medium

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1. Find The Perfect Lighting

The first (and potentially hardest step) is to find the right lighting. Light is the biggest influence on a picture, so make sure to find yours and make it work in your interest. Test what kind of lighting works best with you.

2. Make Sure Your Mirror Is Clean! 

Clean up your mirror and your phone camera. This is a teeny tiny detail that can make a really big difference. The thing about mirror pics is that there’s a lot going on in the background so make it a little easier on the viewer’s eyes by giving everything a quick wipe down. 

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3. Find A Stable Position

By finding a stable position for your mirror, you are able to move freely and test different angles without worry about the mirror falling or moving. Too many changing factors will make it more difficult to capture the perfect image. 

4. Now, Put On The Right Outfit

Let’s not forget that the point of the mirror selfie is to capture the ’fit! The ones that stand out the most in a mirror selfie are the ones that are bold, colourful, and textural. Don’t get too intimidated by others though, the key is to be the best version of yourself. Have fun!