Here’s Why Hannah Yeoh Is The Female Icon We Need

Writer: Nadhirah Badardin

It felt like it was just yesterday when Malaysia welcomed a new beginning. And as is with new beginnings, we’ve gained a couple of new and admirable icons.

Enter Hannah Yeoh — Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. She’s determined, bold and the epitome of the strong Malaysian female icon we all could look up to. Read on to see why we’re completely taken by YB Hannah Yeoh:

Source: Hannah Yeoh’s FB

She’s on a mission to end child marriages in Malaysia 

2018 has been a wild and disheartening ride of shocking headlines and revelations of just how rampant child marriages is in Malaysia. In these turbulent times, we’re really glad that Hannah Yeoh has been proactively speaking out against child-marriages and making sure that things are progressing in raising the minimum marriage age to 18. But that’s not all she’s doing…

Hannah Yeoh’s FB

She gets to the root of the problem

As some try to pin child marriages in Malaysia on poverty, Hannah Yeoh plans on a more long-term and sustainable solution than just letting the marginalised stay marginalised — by educating our children.

“Education will help lift them out of the poverty that might lead to future underage marriages, to build a career and contribute to the family income.” She also highlighted the importance of sex education in eradicating child marriages. “Sex education is very important, parents must not have denial syndrome. Family upbringing and parents’ involvement with their children are also important.”

Source: Facebook

She’s not here for your petty comments on her appearance

Though we’d like to think that Malaysians are way past making sure a woman looks good in order to be taken seriously, that clearly hasn’t been the case last week for a social media user who suggested that the Minister should put on some lipstick in order to “look the part”. Instead of letting the sexist comment slide, her response towards the commenter is EVERYTHING we had hoped for — “Make-up does not in any way affect the quality of my work and it should not in any way affect any women in their workplace. No male politician would ever be told what cream he should put on his face.” Can we get an Amen?

Here’s to strong females everywhere!