Here’s A Receipt That Kylie Actually Photoshopped Her Driver’s License Pic

Remember a few days back when Kylie dropped her driver’s license photo that looked like she’s walking straight out from a photo shoot? And people are going crazy about how *flawless* the photo is and made them wish they had a similar face? ‘’I wished I looked like Kylie’’. Well, that face was photoshopped.

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Here’s a thing, this isn’t actually the first time Kylie shared her driver’s license photo—she posted it on Instagram Stories back in December 2019 (and the photo itself is from June). Receipts right here: 

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Kylie’s driver’s license photo

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I mean, they look pretty identical, but apparently, there are some small edits as you can see in this video:

Ugh but are we even surprised?—because we’re pretty suuuure, she photoshopped most of her pictures—remember that recent pool side photo? Where she accidentally posted an over edited-photo and then got busted for it and then she deleted it a couple of minutes later?

See girls, this is why you should never feel insecure about not looking pretty and having an internet-worthy kinda look, because most of them don’t even look like that in real life! And that’s the truth. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯