Our Top 9 Cutest Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Moments

We all have that one true pair (OTP), and for most of us, it’s Brad & Jen. They were so cute together, all the time, from their first date in 1998, and even until recently at the SAG Awards.

Elle reports that Brad and Jen are currently friends, according to US Weekly, but who knows what will happen next? After all, they were married to each other once.

Please make #Bradniston happen, universe!

1. Brad & Jen at the SAG Awards

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

The way they looked at each other! My heart can’t take it! Brad & Jen are my OTP! Forever!

2. The wedding

Needless to say, in the year 2000, 29th of July was a great year for fans of Brad and Jen.

3. Will Colbert & Rachel Green in Friends

Source: NBCU


Who could forget when Brad Pitt made a guest appearance in Friends?

4. The engagement

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The couple crashed a Sting concert in NYC to tell the world that they’re officially engaged.

5. The couple debut

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Brad & Jen stepped out publicly as a couple at the Emmy Awards in 1999.

6. The 2002 Golden Globes Awards

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In January 2002, Brad & Jen appeared in matching black suits at the 2002 Golden Globes, where Jennifer Aniston was nominated for her role as Rachel Green.

7. 2002 Emmy Awards

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Jennifer took home an award for her role as Rachel in Friends. During her acceptance speech, she said, “And my husband, I love you so much, thank you!”

8. The Oscars, 2000

Source: Vanity Fair

This was four months before they got married in an extravagant wedding in Malibu! Such is love.

9. And finally, when Queen Elizabeth asked Brad & Jen to serve as senior members of the royal family

We’re just kidding btw, we love you, Meghan & Harry. But Brad & Jen totally deserve the spotlight for now!