Heart-Warming & Humorous Celebrity Messages To Soothe Your COVID-19 Anxiety

It may feel like the world around us is coming to an end, [but it’s not, we’re in this together]. And celebrities, just like us, are making sure that we stay focused on the positives during these turbulent times. From Justin Bieber‘s donation to Chinese charities to Naomi Campbell’s travel tips, see below for what celebrities are saying about the coronavirus. 

Justin Bieber


Marion Counter

Vivy Yusof

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We need each other more than ever right now. My husband @fadzaanuar and I, on behalf of @fashionvaletcom are organising a fundraiser to help with covid19. We've teamed up with @drmusanordin and @imaret_my who have been relentlessly helping many in need already. It all started when my husband and I decided to donate some portable airconds to hospital and then more and more people reached out to share conditions of their own hospitals. As covid19 cases rise, hospitals wont be able to cope so we need to act fast to get our hospitals ready and make the patients, staff and volunteers' lives as comfortable as possible. They are the frontliners combatting covid19 for us and this is the least we can do for them and our country. I hope you will take time to donate to the fund even a little bit, however your financials allow. You can donate via internet banking, credit card, whichever is easiest for you, by clicking the link in my bio. I also hope you can share this video to as many people as possible so more people can help. Time for us to be bigger than just ourselves, and may God bless you all for your help. So proud to be a part of this community. Thank you. ❤ *Donations more than RM500 is eligible for tax exemption. **For more info on the fund and IMARET, please click link in my bio.

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Katy Perry

Lady Gaga

Miley Cyrus

Alicia Keys 

Cardi B

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Ya keep playing I’m deadass FUCKIN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.

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Ariana Grande

Julia Roberts

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Thank you @mimimortonbuckley for this ✨✨✨

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Mark Ronson

Josh Gad

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I know it’s a scary time right now and I know people are very nervous about what the future brings. Know that we are all in this together and the world is going to get through this, although it may be rough and very different than we’re used to for a bit. There seem to be a few things this virus can teach us right now: empathy, selflessness and the value of true leadership and guidance. Perhaps it’s a time for reflection, a time for diligence and a time for prioritizing what’s most important. As for me, I will continue to try to do my job which is to allow you all to escape for a bit, perhaps laugh (or not), and give you chance to go to places that will hopefully take your mind off some of the stressful circumstances we all find ourselves in. Love you all. Stay safe. And look out for those in your community it who are most at risk right now, specifically the elderly. Thank you @bosslogic for this gorgeous and poignant image.

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Kim Kardashian

The Killers

Bella Hadid

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Be kind, Be respectful, be aware …🌹 As healthy young people , social distancing is not about you personally.. it’s a time to not be selfish , but to be thoughtful and aware of those with immune systems that are more prone to contracting. It’s important to take this time seriously to slow down the spreading of the virus… I’d say it’s better to overreact then under-react . Please keep your moral compass ON during these times and show compassion to others… Buy what you need and don’t be greedy… If you’re at the grocery store and you are fighting with an elderly lady over toilet paper, you are f’ed up, wrong and not doing anything to help the problem (😡😡) Lead with love and the world will heal… slowly but surely…. And to the people still working… thank you and I am thinking of you! stay safe and respectful out there , I love you ❤️

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Lil Nas

Naomi Campbell