Happy Birthday! 5 Ways Kylie Jenner Proves She’s The Ultimate #LeoQueen

Remember when two years ago Kylie celebrated her 21st birthday for like a week? Or just last year when she brought her family and close friends to spend her 22nd birthday weekend on a luxury yacht in Italy? She even changed her outfit 3 times—the hot pink-feathered mini dress for afternoon brunch, long white feathered gown for her birthday dinner and lastly, her own custom T-shirt and sweats for the after-party. 

(Kylie’s 22nd Birthday Outfit)

Kylie Jenner turns 23 on 10th of August, and that makes her a Leo lioness, isn’t that obvious? Leo women are known to have this ‘’go bold or go home’’ mindset. Beautiful mane, voguish outfits and dominant features that make them stand out from the crowd. They tend to spend their time and money on appearances, but they do this for themselves—just to look at the reflection, of course. Clearly, they are not afraid to try anything and they are fearless when stepping out in public. Just look at JLo, Meghan Markle, Dua Lipa and Bretman Rock! 

The passionate, stubborn, and life-of-the-party, here are some receipts that show the youngest Kar-Jen member is such a Leo it’s insane. 

1. Protective Mama Lion

Kylie has made it clear that her number one priority is Stormi. One of the most amazing traits about her is she’s such a great mother to her daughter. She won’t put up with anyone saying a negative word about her daughter and went on full mama lion ever since she got Stormi. It’s very crystal clear that she’s capable of rising her own kid despite being a busy entrepreneur.  

2. Overspender 

She was born in a wealthy family, of course. But she needs to work extra hard to pay for all of the luxuries in her life. The cars, the designer clothes, her insane jewelleries collection, and even the house she bought herself when she was just 18. The millionaire makeup mogul tends to buy all sorts of things a regular person couldn’t (or wouldn’t) pay for. She needs to look good all the time #JustLeoTingz. 

3. The Life Of The Party

Kylie clearly loves to party. Be it her own birthday bash or an award show after-party, she always makes sure to be the center of attention with her killer outfits. This year, even with the pandemic going on, she still makes sure that her birthday party is one to remember. I mean.. Would you expect anything less from Kylie Jener, the queen of over-the-top parties? 

4. Serious Go-Getter 

According to her sisters, Kylie is very stubborn (another common Leo trait)—and if she wants something, no one dares to tell her otherwise. She stands out as a serious go-getter; a savvy businesswoman and social media influencer with almost 190 million followers on Instagram alone. One thing is for sure, Kylie will only become wealthier and wealthier in the future

5. Generous (Especially To Her Fam and Frens)

It is no secret that Kylie Jenner is an extremely generous person. She loves giving presents to her friends and family members. But we are not talking about some random cheap presents, because the ones that Kylie gives are pretty luxurious. For example, she gave momager Kris a $250,000 Ferrari 488 for her birthday. She also gave her bestie and makeup artist, Ariel, a diamond ring. Why have all that money, if you cannot spend it on people you care about? 

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