Hannah Yeoh Says “Not Asking For The Sky” After Christy Ng’s Maternity Leave Comment

If you’re planning to get knocked up in a couple of years, you’re in luck because Budget 2020 just made some serious announcement.

Image from Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia/Facebook

Source: Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia/Facebook

On 11th October, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that the period of maternity leave for government employees will be increased from 60 days to 90 days. Woah, that’s a huge deal for future mothers! This will however only be enforced in 2021.

Well, as you’ve guessed it, women everywhere were thankful for the good news.

However, there were some who weren’t quite sure about the government’s move to extend the maternity leave period. According to Astro Awani, Malaysian entrepreneur – Christy Ng expressed her honest doubts on the maternity leave days.

She said during the interview with Astro Awani, “It (maternity leave) has some goodness in it, but it also has its negative impacts – because I think having a woman of the workforce for three months is a little bit too long. She may go out of touch really quickly, and I’m also very concerned that this move would actually deter more employers to put women at high ranking positions.”

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I’m not excited because it may be a double edge sword and work to a disadvantage instead. This doesn’t mean I don’t support the 90 days maternity. I never made such a statement. I was merely looking at the issues from multiple perspective with the interest of women not to be discriminated or loose out from this effort instead. Hoping I won’t get misquoted or misinterpreted again. Not Excited = Tidak Teruja Not Agreeable = Tidak Setuju Two entirely different statements altogether. #Belanjawan2020 #SenangkanYangSusah

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She explains, that she didn’t want women to lose their ability to compete in the workforce and to avoid employers from choosing men to be in higher positions as compared to women.

Christy added that the third month of maternity leave should be focusing on flexible working hours as it will be hard to look for a part-time replacement to fill in the position and it will also lift the burdens of other colleagues.

Shocked by Christy Ng’s statement over this, Twitter vocally gave their opinions over her comments.

Even Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development said the request was “most basic & minimal” in which we’re really “not asking for the sky”.

We totally understand where Christy’s coming from but at the same time, pregnant mothers may have different views on this issue. What are your thoughts on the extended maternity leave from 60 days to 90 days? Let us know!