All The Times Celebrities Dressed Up As Other Celebrities

Halloween is a time to dress up, let loose and be somebody else we want to for the night.

And this includes celebrities. Even famous people tend to go crazy at this time of the year by dressing up as their own favourite icons.

From Kim Kardashian who dressed up as Madonna to Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter as Janet and Michael Jackson, here are all the times’ celebrities dressed up as other celebrities.

1. Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj

Source: NBC

2. Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera (2016)

Source: @kyliejenner

3. Miley Cyrus as Lil’ Kim (2013)

Source: @MileyCyrus

4. Demi Lovato as Selena Quintanilla (2017)

Source: Demi Lovato Snapchat

5.Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte (2016)

Source: Getty

6. Kendall Jenner as Karl Lagerfeld (2015)

Source: Splash

7. Kelly Ripa as Taylor Swift (2014)

Source: Facebook

8. Beyoncé Knowles and Blue Ivy Carter as Janet and Michael Jackson (2014)

Source: Beyonce,com

9. Kate Moss as Cara Delevingne (2014)

Source: Getty

10. Kim Kardashian West, North West, makeup artist Joyce Bonelli and son as Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, Grace Coddington and Karl Lagerfeld (2014)

Source: Rexfeatures

11. Ellie Goulding as Dolly Parton (2017)

Source: Rexfeatures

12. Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton (2016)

Source: Getty

13. Nina Dobrev (left) as Victoria Beckham (2015)

Source: Splash

14. Karlie Kloss as Marilyn Monroe (2017)

Source: Rexfeatures

15. Adele played homage to Dolly Parton (2018)

Source: @Adele

16. Kim Kardashian as Madonna

Source: Splash