Hailey Bieber Finally Speaks Out About Being Compared To Selena Gomez

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been married since 2018, and Justin has made it clear, via more than one of his songs, that Mrs Baldwin is the love of his life. But truth be told, Hailey admitted her marriage to Justin Bieber, 26, hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows—at least not when it comes to outsiders’ opinions, and she admitted the struggles she’s gone through in a new livestream. 

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The 23-year-old talked about how it’s been difficult to be compared to some of Justin’s exes, including Selena Gomez, 27, when she sat down and with her hubby and answered fans’ questions during their Facebook Watch show, The Biebers. “It is definitely not easy. Justin knows I have a hard time with the things people say and the ways people make comparisons… The way they have made me feel like less of a woman,” she said on the show. 

They invent details that they think are true that really aren’t

Hailey went on to explain that although the comparisons can bother her, she tries to be the bigger person, especially when the criticisms get harsh, because she understands that the trolls behind the comments are probably “going through something bad” themselves. “I also think when people have a lot to say about something, they go out of their way to make somebody feel less than or go out of their way to make somebody feel bad, it’s because they’re going through something themselves, and they’re projecting onto this public figure, and it makes them feel better about themselves,” she said. “I got to a point where I’m like, ‘Why am I even gonna try to go out of my way to set the record straight where it’s really nobody’s business and it doesn’t matter?”

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Posted by Justin Bieber on Friday, May 8, 2020

For now, Hailey said she avoids reading comments and articles about her and Justin, and concluded her response with, “The reality is that we wake up next to each other happy every day. All y’all haters can keep trying, but we’re chilling.” In other words, Hailey and Justin are doing just fine. Now, please leave those two alone. As far as I’m concerned, they’re one of those unproblematic Hollywood couples who mind their business. 

Check out the full video of Hailey and Justin’s Facebook Watch episode HERE!