6 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet At The Gym

Nothing is sexier than sweat dripping off a guy’s muscular bod. It’s a weakness!

According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, women are sexually aroused when they smell male sweat, as it will accelerate the heartbeat rate and increase levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. So, where can you find men that are hot and sweaty? The gym, of course — where you’ll still get to work out and perhaps gain a new eye-candy.

Although, when you think about it, there are also men who can be a lil’ bit creepy. Read on and identify the types of guys that you may bump into at the gym:

1. Selfie Guy

He’s cute alright – the way he flexes his muscles, his #beastmode look that makes you want to check him out every time he works out. But, here’s the thing,  you’re not exactly sure if he’s keeping tab of his workout progress every time he hit the gym, or he’s just plain vain.

A study by the Brunel University revealed that people who take a ton of gym selfies and shows it off on social media may be suffering from narcissism, which is defined as an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. The research explains that these type of people aren’t just happy to have a lot of people admiring their physique, but they also crave for the attention gained from posting photos of their chiselled quads and toned glutes. A guy who admires himself more than he does to you? Probably a bad call.

2. That Creepy Dude

Source: Popsugar

We see you looking at us, dude and it’s not a turn on! It’s also very uncomfortable to work out because you practically feel a pair of eyes piercing straight into your ass or your boobs. Even worse if they’re just sitting on that chest press machine and not working out a single muscle on their body.

It’s normal if you want to get to know someone at the gym but it’s definitely rude to stare, especially if that dude stares at your lady areas. Then there are some guys who just become too friendly and start asking inappropriate questions or statements like, “You’ve got a nice rack”. Women want to feel safe at the gym, and these guys kind of just makes us want to go to an all-female gym. If you feel uncomfortable, just report the indecency to gym personnel.

3. The Gentlemen

The sweetest and nicest guy at the gym. He wipes his sweat off the machine before letting you use it, let’s you refill your water bottle first,  friendly but not creepy friendly and smiles yet doesn’t stare at you like you’re some kind of sex-machine. He’ll even help you out in fixing the bar handles for you and lets you work out in peace.

This kind of guy is the ultimate gentlemen at the gym. Plus he’s actually more focused in working out than trying to tap you. So if you were to pick a gym partner, the gentleman is a perfect type to work out with.

4. The Loud Grunters

If it’s your first time at the gym, you’ll probably get a shock from guys grunting loudly while carrying weights. Loud grunting at the gym is a thing and can be annoying and distracting at times to a point wherein 2006, a New York bodybuilder was forced to a Planet Fitness after being accused of grunting too loudly. Yikes! But before you go on and judge these grunters, there’s actually a scientific reason behind it.  

Research done by the University of Hawaii at Manoa suggests that grunting helps to boost power. It showed that grunting helps to exert an extra 9% power as compared to those who stay silent. Which is a huge deal, especially to bodybuilders, because the more power you generate, you’re more likely to build strength. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from these grunters, though it wouldn’t be a seductive tool if you’re looking to attract someone at the gym.

5. Mr Know It All

This stranger tells you what to do and how to do it, even when you’re not even asking for any help. He corrects your form, and even joins you in lifting some weights without your consent! This unknown person just barged into your workout session and honestly, you’re not very comfortable with it.  

He probably thinks that he’s doing you a huge favour or maybe it’s his way of “flirting” with you. Either way, it kinda rubs you the wrong way. If you had wanted a personal trainer or expert, you would have already hired one. Although, you highly appreciate his help in “training” you, you’re just taken aback by his head-first approach.  

6. Cute Guy Who Minds His Own Business

Total hottie, but you’re not sure if he’s gay because he seems to mind his own business and workouts alone at the gym. You tried getting his attention by walking past him, but nothing at all. Not even a head tilt. But the fact that he just kind of does his own workout with his earphones plugged in, kind of makes just want to get to know the mysterious man. Maybe he has a girlfriend or you’re just not his type.

So how many of these type of gym guys did you spot at the gym? Almost all of them? Then perhaps it’s time for you to hit a new gym, with new environment and most importantly, run away from that creepy gym guy.

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