Guess What? Orgasms Makes Your Skin Glow & You’ll Look Younger Too

This is going to sound weird, but after-sex skin is real! Studies have shown that orgasms can be really good for you. Not that you need a reason to have sex! But apparently it makes your skin super glowy and there are tons of health benefits too.

Medical News describes orgasm as “a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation, which includes a discharge of accumulated erotic tensions”.

Here’s how orgasms can make you lit from within. No joke, these reasons are about to turn you on!

1. Make you look younger 

woman lying on the bed wearing black leotard

A study done with 3,500 people found that women who had three orgasms a week looked 10 years younger than women who only had two. Another study by the University of Michigan revealed that orgasm can increase estrogen levels which has anti-aging benefits by maintaining collagen, which is a protein that promotes youthful skin.

Higher estrogen levels also help with the skin’s thickness and elasticity while locking in the skin’s moisture. This keeps the skin plumper and resistant to wrinkles.

2. You’ll feel f**king good! 

woman lying on bed covered by white blanket

Obviously… When you orgasm, your body releases love hormones aka oxytocin. This hormone decreases stress by lowering cortisol levels and releases tension by stimulating feelings of warmth and relaxation.  Not only that, because it de-stresses your body, you’re more inclined to get a night of better sleep.

3. Orgasm makes your skin glow 

woman wearing sunglasses and putting both hands on her head

The increased rate of blood flowing through your body along with blood-vessel dilation after an orgasm will make your system flooded with oxygen. This boosts collagen production that stimulates and repairs skin. An interesting fact, that increased blood flow is also what gives your cheeks the “orgasm flush”.

Cool huh? Have you ever noticed any of this after your sex sesh with your boo? Let us know!