“Grande-ing” Is The New, Graceful Way To Move On From A Breakup

Most of us have experienced heartbreaks, and it’s only fair that we feel a burning desire to throw shade at our ex, and actually do it.

However, a new millennial trend is teaching us to move on from our past relationships with grace, and you’d be surprised that the Internet has made Ariana Grande the face of this phenomenon.

Dubbed as “grande-ing,” this millennial trend tells us to practice the art of gratefulness at the end of a relationship.

What is “grande-ing”?

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It’s when you too, sing, “I’m so f*cking grateful for my ex,” like Ariana’s breakup anthem. Instead of belittling yourself, your ex, or the relationship as a whole, when you’re “grande-ing” for a living, you choose to be grateful and grow from your past. You’re able to reflect on your experience in the past, make mental notes of the good times, and be thankful that you’ve at least, learned something.

According to relationship expert Melissa Ferrari, as told by 10Daily, “grande-ing” is one of the healthiest ways to cope with a breakup.

“It’s important that we remember that all relationships shape us psychologically. And, it’s so important to understand how they have shaped us each time a significant relationship comes to an end.”

But what if you prefer something less “grande.” Like revenge?

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but u don’t want me to see nobody else … n i don’t want u to see nobody 🥺🧐😔

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Throwing shade feels good but it may actually hinder our personal growth. It’s not recommended to focus on what went wrong in the relationship. Instead, we should focus on the positives, like what made the relationship work in the first place. Besides, this reflection may help us work on our future relationships.

So, how do you “grande”?

1. When you break up, instead of blaming yourself or your partner for it, think of what made the relationship work in the first place. Maybe you won’t ever get back together, but that’s just fate. Be glad that you’ve had each other for a while, but now it’s time to let go.

2. Sure, you’re being grateful and all, but that doesn’t mean you can be friends with your ex without getting hurt in the process. Block him on your social media so you’re both able to take a time out from each other.

3. Cleanse your room. If your ex gave you lots of stuff and they’re still in your room, KonMari them away by thanking them, and preparing yourself for a new journey, of singlehood, and perhaps, of a new relationship.

If you feel like your relationship has been on the edge lately, don’t beat yourself up too hard. Like queen Ariana, we’re just going to say, “Thank u, next,” and move on with sheer grace. It’s good for your soul, trust us.