Got A Puffy Face? Keep Your Skincare In The Fridge

Good morning! The last thing you’d want in the wee hours (it’s always the wee hours if you’ve just woken up) of the morning is to wake up with a puffy face.

We can’t help it – water retention, salt intake, alcohol, you name it. These things can cause our face to appear puffy and really, we didn’t want to wake up like this.

Apparently, people have been keeping their skincare in the fridge. Next to their milk? Maybe. But what for, though, and how does it help a puffy face? Let’s find out.

What is a beauty/ makeup fridge?

Essentially, it’s an Instagram-worthy mini-fridge, probably in millennial pink, prized by beauty enthusiasts and arrange perfectly with their favourite skincare products, like eye creams, serums, moisturisers, and jade rollers. Some people call it a makeup fridge, but the most makeup it has stored is probably a bunch of lip balms.

What should you keep in your mini beauty/ makeup fridge

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The best things to keep in your makeup fridge is everything that goes in your skincare routine, really. Although it really depends on how you want your skincare products to feel on your face. If you appreciate the cool spritz of a face mist and the calming, cooling feeling of eye cream under your eyes (which also reduces puffiness), we say, why not?

Products with specific properties and ingredients may benefit from an extended shelf-life if kept in the fridge. Natural products, and products with vitamin C, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide can benefit from the cool environment.

Do you really need a makeup fridge?

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The short answer is – no. You don’t actually need a makeup fridge. “There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits,” said Howard Sobel, who is an NYC-based dermatologist.

But you want one right? After all, it’s rare that someone doesn’t appreciate a cold, calm feeling on their face. Dr. Sobel testifies:

“It does add an extra calming effect to face masks, moisturizers, and creams, which is especially helpful when treating irritated skin.”

Cold eye creams, for example, work wonders to reduce puffiness around your eyes. Refrigerated serums may help soothe acne, and reduce inflammation.

So, who’s ready to be a makeup fridge convert? We know we are. Try getting a mini-fridge like this one!