How Going Makeup-Free Could Have A Bad Effect On Your Skin

The minimalist, no-makeup trend will never go out of style. After all, who doesn’t want clean, glowing skin that basks in the radiance of the evening sunlight?

It’s no secret that even the most enthusiastic beauty lover would do anything to go makeup-free, if only we could leave the comfort of our home without a speck of makeup on, and still feel fabulous. Despite the claims that going makeup-free actually helps one’s skin, did you know that going makeup-free could actually be really bad to your skin?

Before you quit makeup forever and start taking no-makeup selfies, read this so you can make an informed decision.

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Makeup isn’t actually bad for your skin

So, you may have heard from natural beauty advocates that makeup clogs pores, and is actually the culprit for breakouts. I fact, if your skin is used to a layer of makeup every day, it’s best to leave it that way. Most foundations contain an ingredient known as titanium dioxide, which protects your skin from inflammation and breakouts. Titanium dioxide in foundation also acts as a barrier between pollutants, which may clog your pores, and your actual layer of skin.

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When you wear makeup, you tend to have better cleansing habits

Makeup-wearers often do the double cleansing method when it comes to washing their face. This is because we tend to take off a layer of makeup before moving on to cleanse our bare face. When you’re bare-faced in the real world, pollutants and dust tend to stick to to your skin, instead of your makeup layer. However, when you’re not wearing any makeup, you may be inclined to skip the first step of the double cleansing method, which uses an oil based cleanser to remove all makeup, grime and dust.

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Going makeup-free may cause stress

You heard that right. If you’re used to wearing makeup, going makeup-free may cause you to become stressed because you may feel insecure. This type of stress in your subconscious will trigger your body to produce more testosterone, which causes your sebum to produce more oil on the surface of your skin. If you find that your makeup routine is comforting, keep it. It’s much better than breaking out due to stress and having to cover it up.

If you really want to go makeup-free, start small, and make sure that there is always a layer of something on your skin. Whether it’s sunblock or tinted moisturizer, your skin still needs a layer of protection over it.