‘’Go Ask Her New Man’’, Ex Boyfriend Throw Shades At Little Miss Khan

Oop! Neelofa’s youngest sister, Ameera Khan aka Little Miss Khan, and her beau FD Idzham have officially called it quits, weeks after celebrating their relationship anniversary. 

The confession was made by Idzham himself through his Instagram Stories shared on Saturday to address the current state of their relationship. 

“Please, don’t contact me regarding @littlemisskhan anymore,” Idzham wrote in the post. He also claimed that the social media influencer has found a new partner. “She has a new man. Please contact him,” Izham further added but did not elaborate on the person’s identity. 

Through netizen observation, people also noticed that the two have since unfollowed each other on Instagram. Not only that, their past photos together have also been removed from each other’s profile.

(Source: Gempak)

Just about two weeks ago, Ameera relinquished her frustration with the service of a florist after her order failed to match her expectations. She ordered a huge bouquet of red roses for her then still boyfriend Idzham. Now, what happened? We’re patiently waiting for Little Miss Khan’s statement.