37 Countries At 27 Years Old — Acacia Shares Her Travel Tips

Most of us ladies can certainly relate to how we feel about going on a solo travel. The number one question we usually ask is — will it be safe? Well, travel enthusiast Acacia Mardiana, who has travelled to at least 37 countries since she was 21 years old is certainly beating against all odds to explore the world.

Stalking her Instagram, one can absolutely get lost in her magnificent photos of all her travel getaways. Likely got the incredible chance of sitting down with the humble and very gorgeous Acacia to find out more about her wanderlust adventures along with her travelling tips and tricks.

1. When and where was your first solo travel? Do you remember how you felt?

Acacia: The first time I travelled solo was right after my architecture degree. I talked to my mom and really wanted a graduation trip. I saved up and went to Sydney, Australia for about two weeks. On the flight back to Malaysia, I cried on the plane because I wanted to keep doing this. It made me to want to find a way to keep travelling.

2. Did you encounter any weird or awkward situation?

Acacia: When I was in Tokyo! We were walking in Shibuya and passed by an old man dancing in a dress with a goat mask then we passed this girl on a huge robot in a bikini, advertising sex on a robot show!

3. Tips for someone who is barely making enough but wants to travel?

Acacia: The thing about travelling, it’s either you want to learn something or you want to escape. You don’t really have to go out of Malaysia. You can even take a quick trip within the country. But I always say that if you really want something, if you can find a way to prioritise it – it will happen. I ate Maggi for about a month and worked my a** off after classes for about a month to save up for Iceland.

4. Tips and tricks in getting the best deals?

Acacia: I always checkout couch surfing websites and Airbnb websites, just to check out what the locals are doing. Trip Advisor is good too and always check out flights at least 2 months in advance. You should also book flights on Tuesday and Thursday and keep tabs on promos.

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5. What’s the safest and friendliest country you’ve been to?

Acacia: I think the safest country I’ve ever been too is Iceland because there are more sheep than people.

6. Have you met anyone during your travels that you’ll never forget?

Acacia: Of course. I’ve made so many friends all over the world. Some of them have been with me through some of the craziest travel situations to a point, you’ll consider them as family instead.

7. If you can retire anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Acacia: London! I was born in Sheffield, I grew up in Manchester and I ended up studying in London for 4 years. It’s become a huge part of me and who I am today.

8. What has travelling taught you?

Acacia: Wow, I can write thesis about it at this point! But one of the biggest life lessons travelling has taught me is that, the world is so much bigger than your problems. It’s bigger than who you are, your concerns and what people expect out of you. It’s nice to step out and remind yourself that there are bigger things happening.

9. Did you pick up any language and habits from other countries?

Acacia: Countries… You pick up certain phrases wherever you go. But for the most part, I used to watch a lot of Hindi movies when I was younger, so my Hindi is not so bad. When I was travelling in India at this obscured town called Chandigarh, not a lot of people spoke English there. So, I got around quite a bit with my basic Hindi.

10. Have your parents always been supportive of you travelling solo?

Acacia: Yes! I’m actually one of the lucky ones whose parents don’t really mind me going anywhere. I once told my mom, “Mummy, if I want to take photographs at war zone would you mind?” She’s like, “No, go.” But she travels more than I do, so the apple does not fall far from the tree!

11. Why should women travel solo at least once in their life?

Acacia: I think it really helps you to gain your confidence.  When you are assured that you can take care of yourself, carry yourself around, mingle with strangers, you become more confident and you come back to a more solid-self.

Want to know how travel-junkie, Acacia packs her bag? Watch the video below.