#GirlNextDoor: Damnyoudan Talks Love & How To Avoid Creeps

Danielle Chong aka Damnyoudan has 30k followers under her Instagram account but she’s more than just a pretty influencer for you to tap follow. She’s a freaking talented woman — this optimistic badass takes Insta-perfect photos, super good looking and blessed with a thicc body.

What’s more, she’s also the founder of a new influencer hub called Social Bridge Consultancy, Fly FM part-time radio announcer, content creator as well as a DJ/Entertainer. Woah, now that’s one impressive resume!

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we “interrogated” Danielle on her ideal type of guy, how to save yourself from creeps and even the dating apps that she uses. Oh yeah, you can thank us later.

Q: What’s your ideal date? 

A: My ideal date would definitely be just the two of us at a remotely quiet area where we can talk a lot. I don’t like going to the movies on a first date or doing activities that you can’t really get to know the person. Maybe over a nice dinner! That’s my ideal date actually.

Q: With 30K followers on Instagram, do you ever get asked out by fans? 

A: *laughs* Yes, I do a lot, like everyday! It’s like maybe on a average, four times. Guys and girls would ask me out and it’s very flattering but sometimes, I would be very polite, “Oh, you’re such a sweetheart”, but then I would just stop there.

Q: What’s the worst date that you’ve been on? 

A: There was this one guy that I went out with in high school. He was a really nice guy but he told me he was going to come pick me up, so I said, ” Okay”, I was dressed really nice and he came to my house by foot! We had to walk to the nearest subway.

I was like “Oh, this date couldn’t get any worse” — my makeup was melting, then he started talking about his exes, all of his exes, which was horrible. A girl does not want to talk about your exes on a first date. After the date, I was like, “Michelle, can you call me and tell me that I need to go home?” Because after the whole date, we walked back to my park and he talked for an hour about his exes. It was the worst date ever!

Q: The best date? 

A: I was dating this guy and Michelle was dating his brother. So we were both dating siblings. It was Valentine’s Day and it was really nice because for the first time, Michelle and I were on a double date. It’s always something we wanted to do and since the both of us were dating a pair of brothers, it was the perfect date. Not only did we get to bond with our partners but with our own siblings too.

Q: Do you prefer muscular or skinny guys? 

A: muscular guys. Even if they’re not muscular, they have to be fleshy, buff in a kind of way that I feel a sense of safety. Also, I’m not a skinny girl, I’m a thick girl, so if I date someone skinnier, I feel like I can carry him. I just can’t.

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Q: What turns you off in a guy? 

A: Not being able to hold a conversation, not being able to understand my sense of humour because I’m sarcastic but I also like to do puns.

Q: You’re a DJ. What’s your go to move in avoiding creeps at the clubs? 

A: It’s either ” WHAT? SORRY, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” or sometimes when I’m DJ-ing, guys try to hit on me while I’m on the deck. But I’m like “DUDE”, I literally have to tell a guy, “I have to work right now. So maybe we can take it after the set?” and after my set, I just ciao!

Q: What do you think about girls buying guys drinks? 

A: Go for it! There are dates where I would go “Yeah, lets split the bill”. I was late and I paid for the entire thing! I felt bad for it so I paid for the entire date, like drinks, dinner, everything. I feel girls should definitely be okay with buying guys drinks. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s very noble and sweet of you to do that. Sometimes guys need to be given that pleasure as well.

Q: You have a twin sister, have you both ever had a crush on the same guy? 

A: YES, WE HAVE! Both of us would look at each other and we would instantly know. Back in high school, we actually dated the same guy but since I dated him first, she had my leftovers. But we’re all friends now, it’s cool. We never had feelings for the guy at the same time. We both just found him attractive. Although, sometimes I do get mad at her because I still had feelings for him but it’s in the past and we’re over it.

Q: Do you have any dating apps on your phone? If yes, what are they? 

A: I actually had Tinder a few years ago. I lost a bet with my sister and I had to download it because I actually hate it. I was so pissed off. I would go through it and be like “Ughhh…” But right now, I don’t actually have Tinder. I’m not active on any dating apps.

Q: When do you think is the right time to hook up? Or how many dates should it take? 

A: As long as you’re comfortable with the person. If you feel like this isn’t going anywhere past a serious relationship but you feel very comfortable with the person, by all means, help yourself. But make sure it’s mutual. If it’s after the first date then, think about it for a little while, then do it!

Q: What’s the one thing you wished you knew when you were younger when it comes to relationship? 

A: That’s so easy. You shouldn’t try to control everything. Back when I was in my first serious relationship, I was the type of girl who always wanted to control things. You know if you’ve made a plan, we have to go by that plan. If you cancel on me, I would get really pissed off, I would give him the silent treatment for 2 hours. That was really uncool. Guys don’t like that at all. My advice would just be to relax, to be your own person. If your partner has a hobby then you find your hobby too. Don’t depend on that person to make you happy. At the end of the day, the both of you are in this together.

Can’t get enough of Danielle? Lucky you because she’s super skilled when it comes to makeup! Watch the video below to see how you can transform yourself to be a bombshell just like her in our Valentine’s Special Makeup Tutorial. PS: It involves brushing yourself with tons of highlighter – oh wait, is there such thing as too much highlights? NO.