5 Tips To Get The Perfect Nose Without Plastic Surgery

Let’s admit it – we often feel like we don’t look perfect enough. Our ideal appearance usually depends on societal factors, beauty standards, and who is portrayed as beautiful in the media. In the world of cosmetic surgery, nose jobs usually take the center of attention – they’re in the center of your face after all.

Nose jobs are pretty expensive and painful. Plus, you don’t know where they’ll go wrong. Some of us would rather not get nose jobs and spend our time editing selfies on Meituxiuxiu. Wouldn’t it be nice to look perfect in real life, though?

If you want the perfect nose but don’t want to go under the knife – and experience the pain of beauty – here are some nose shaping techniques you can try.

1. Nose reshaping techniques

If you’ve ever read Little Women, you’ll know how Amy, the littlest sister would use a clothespin to peg her nose in place so she could have an aristocratic nose as she grew up. Well, you can too, but you don’t need a clothespin. Try this nose reshaping technique for size. Smile, then push the tip of your nose upwards with your fingers, and exhale deeply. Do this 20 to 30 times a day for the best results. You can even do this at your work desk!

2. Nose slimming techniques

The good news is you don’t have to go under the knife to slim down your nose. Massage each part of your nose in a circular motion, starting from the bridge, the tip and then finally, the sides. Do this for about five minutes and repeat as desired for quicker, semi-permanent results!

3. Breathing techniques

Inhaling and exhaling deeply can help maintain the shape of your nose so it doesn’t sag for the years to come. To do this, sit down comfortably and block one nostril. Inhale through the other nostril and hold for about four seconds. Then, block the other nostril and exhale through the nostril which you previously blocked. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

4. Nose inserts

Yep, nose inserts, better known as ‘nasal pegs’ can give your nose a temporary lift – the only thing is you’ll have to insert it into your nostrils and not accidentally sneeze it out. However, you’re advised not to wear it for more than 10 hours to avoid bacteria production.

5. Contour

If you can’t make it, you gotta fake it – with badass makeup skills of course. To begin, add some bronzing powder to the bridge of your nose and slowly blend your way down to the tip of your nose. Contouring under your nose will also give it a smaller appearance.

Hope this helps you achieve your ideal nose shape. What do you think of these techniques? Let us know if you’re keen on trying them out in the comments below.


  • Lia MArin


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    22 August 2019