Get Glam: 8 Instagram Inspired Looks You Can Try This Eid

Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid al-Fitr is just days away—and that means the ladies will be getting ready to get glammed up this weekend, and the best place to look for beauty inpos? YouTube of course! 

We’ve rounded up eight of our favourite Eid makeup tutorials below, just in case you’re stuck for beauty inspiration.

Kaushal @kaushalbeauty

With over 2 million subscribers, this British-Indian beauty guru is constantly serving us with diversity! Looking for a quick Eid look? Or a Diwali outfit suggestion? She gotchu covered! 

Sabina Hannan @sabinahannan

If you’re looking for an extra glam this coming Eid then check out this Sabina Hannan video. You’re gonna turn heads with this gold glitter and brown smokey eye.

Habiba @habibadasilva

‘’Foxy eye look’’ is currently on trend. Check out Habiba’s Fox Eyes Eid Tutorial to achieve that Kendal Jenner & Bella Hadid signature look this Eid.

Saba Asif @sabaasif 

If you prefer to be more on a natural and soft look this Eid, try this makeup look. Fast and easy. You’re going to slay your selfie!

Maroosha @maroosha’smakeup

Glitz and glam! Who doesn’t love all things rosy? Pink eyes, pink cheeks and even more pink lips! Check out this video to learn how to get that soft romantic glam. 

Quman @quman

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic ‘’nude’’ makeup. This is similar to Kim K’s everyday glam look. Simple yet glowyyyy. 

Kaur @kaurbeauty

Tired of the same old look? Watch this Mermaid Blue Eyes Tutorial to give you that instant vibration colour idea! You can switch the blue colour to any colour you prefer. Yellow, orange or red? 

Chloe Morello @chloemorello

This Aussie beauty vlogger is the queen of Eid makeup tutorials. She has over 11 Eid beauty looks on her YouTube channel.