6 It-Girl Ways To Style A Bandana

It’s not a shawl or a scarf — it’s a bandana!

It usually comes in a beautiful printed square piece of cloth that’s versatile and bold to style for any occasions which can be a statement accessory. Just tie it over your head, neck, wrist and more.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus has also be spotted donning the bandana in various styles such as on the neck, wrist and more. In honour of International Bandana Day, here are six different looks you can pull off with one bandana:

1. Parisian It-Girl Choker

Source: Pinterest

Fold the bandana diagonally, roll it and tie the bandana around your neck. You can even pin a cute little brooch on the knot. This style works great when worn with a plain tee top or even with a dress.

2. Classic Headband

As the saying goes, the classics never go out of style and in this case, it’s the classic bandana headband. You can wear it to work, during a date night or even when hanging out with friends. Don’t worry, you won’t get any headaches if you tie it properly. To get the look, fold the bandana in half, repeat the step until it is in a thin line. Then tie the ends of the bandana — and voila! It’s ready to be worn.

3. Ban-da-bag!

Source: lovestylemindfulness

Keep your look simple and let your bag be the statement by tying a bandana around your the handle or strap.  Such a stylish way to upgrade your ol’ bag look.

4. Anklet/Bracelet Chic

Source: Honestly WTF/ Sandra Semburg

Keep your outfit edgy and chic by using a bandana as an anklet or a bracelet. Make sure the bandana is tied in a diamond shape, fold it into a thin line with pointed ends. Then, wrap it around your wrist/ankle and tie it into a bow.

5. Biker Chic

Source: Kylie Jenner Instagram

It looks cool and definitely a lifesaver if you haven’t washed your hair. No one will notice that you skipped washing your hair because it will be covered anyway! Fold your bandana in half into a triangle, wrap the longer end around your head and tie the ends into a knot. So #BADASS

6. Sexy Bandana Top

Source: nastygal

A bandana is so versatile, that you can even get a new outfit from just one bandana. You can tie into a halter top, bikini top and so many more. For a simple, easy yet super sexy top, get an extra-large bandana, fold it in half and tie it around your torso to turn it into a strapless top.