Gatsbying Is The Millennial Way Of Flirting Through Social Media

There’s a new dating term coined by millennials which describes something people have been doing for quite a while now, Gatsby-ing.

So what is Gatsby-ing?

It’s when you try to attract your crush’s attention by sharing certain content you think they’ll fall for on your social media. It’s when you do and posts certain things in hopes that that guy you’ve been stalking may notice you and think you both have a lot in common. Something most of us have done before!

The name was inspired by the movie “The Great Gatsby” where Jay Gatsby would throw parties to get the attention of his crush. Really lavish parties…

Why does one Gatsby? 

According to Lynsie Seely, a therapist from Wellspace SF, she tells, “There is a level of safety people feel behind the screen, both in terms of the indirect communication it offers, as well as safety in being able to portray a particular image of one’s self ― an image that might seem ‘cool’ or impressive.”

“Plus, it’s less likely to be met with rejection. Directly messaging can feel really vulnerable.” Well, that sounds just about right!

So how does one be guilty of Gatsby-ing?

If your crush is an animal lover and you find yourself sharing insta-stories of your cute pet way more than you usually do, you, my friend, are Gatsby-ing.

You could also be hanging out at a bar you know your crush goes to and posts stories there hoping he’ll recognize the place and reply to your story. Again, gatsby-ing.

Or if you’re constantly posting really cute selfies after liking his photo so that when he notices your like and views your profile, he’s mesmerized. Girl, you are Gatsby-ing!