FYI Talking To Yourself Can Elevate Your Social Skills

Have you ever found yourself saying, “… and we’ll just add a bit of eyeliner here” when you’re doing your makeup, just like YouTube beauty gurus do?

Well, apparently, it’s pretty normal to have a conversation with yourself sometimes, and you can harness it to elevate your social skills.

Sometimes, you just need to listen to your own advice. Here’s how you can make the most out of this simple everyday habit that you do when you’re driving alone in the car (don’t say you don’t do this!).

Having a conversation to yourself is like free therapy

When you’re stressed, you can reassure yourself to calm down. That’s why in movies, some characters often talk to themselves in stressful situations. Sometimes, it’s just therapeutic to have a conversation with someone who wants you to be you (a.k.a. you). It’s not just for the camera, it’s pretty damn relatable. If you can calm your nerves in stressful situations, you can do anything.

Talking to yourself can give you perspective

Working through a family issue or just broken up? Maybe you need to have a conversation with yourself to gain perspective. Ask and answer yourself about why you’d have to make certain important decisions. Pretend you’re talking to an older version of yourself. What would she say?

Talk to yourself to gain self-confidence

If you’re constantly talking yourself down, maybe it’s time to change the way you speak to yourself. Tell yourself positive things and have affirmative mantras so you’ll wake up every morning with confidence, and a smile on your face. Talking to yourself helps you to love yourself, and that’s something that we don’t do enough.