FYI, Rebound Friendships Are Real – Are You The Rebound Friend?

ICYMI, rebound friendships are just as real as rebound relationships.

Best friends break up too, so it should only make sense that rebound friendships exist. Have you ever been second-best-friend your whole life only to find out that you’ve suddenly become first-best-friend overnight? Yep, you could be the rebound friend.

Losing a friend can be devastating but as the rebound friend, do you gain a new friendship and sisterhood? We’ll have to find out.

What is the rebound friend?

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Sometimes, we outgrow our friendships, and that’s okay. The rebound friend is basically like the new best friend you’ll find after a break-up with your best friend. Let’s be honest, best friend breakups are even worse than boyfriend breakups. It’s like losing a soulmate whom you shared everything with – including your crushes and deepest, darkest secrets.

The rebound friend is probably the broken up’s second-best friend. If the rebound friend already has another first-best friend though, it’ll be a complicated situation. If you’re a rebound who already has a first-best friend, it’s best to make it clear that you want to be friends with both of them.

Signs you’re the rebound friend

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1. You were once the second-best friend, and you’ve moved up to be the first best friend quite suddenly

2. You’re still getting to know your “best friend” even though you may have known each other for years

3. Your “best friend” isn’t always there for you when you need her, but you’re there for her now, going through this difficult post-friendship time

What to do if you’re the rebound friend?

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If you think you’re the rebound friend, you don’t owe anyone anything. Sure, it can be thrilling to be first-best friend, but please note that this close friendship may be a short-lived one. It’s OK to be the rebound best friend, just remember to set boundaries and take time for yourself. Perhaps your new best friend wants to find someone she can connect with, on her level.

As we grow up, it’s healthy to create new friendships with people whom we can relate to. Who knows, you girls may actually end up becoming actual BFFs for life! Don’t try to be the middle person who repairs the broken friendship – it’s not your job. Let your new best friend and her ex-best friend handle it like the adults they are.