From Co-Starring To Expecting, This Is Nur Fazura & Fattah Amin’s Blissful Journey

After two years of marriage, celebrity couple, Nur Fazura and Fattah Amin are finally expecting their first bundle of joy! Last Friday, Fazura took to her Instagram to announce the news. 

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After two years of marriage, my husband @fattahaminz and I are delighted to share that we are expecting our first child. I am currently in my fourth month of pregnancy. We always believe in Allah’s perfect timing and we are overjoyed by the most beautiful gift Allah SWT has granted upon us. Nothing in the world matters more to us right now than our precious one. We would like to deeply thank everyone for your never ending prayers and well-wishes for us all this time. We are grateful for every single moment of this beautiful phase and we look forward to the blissful months to come. InsyaAllah. Once again, Alhamdulillah and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Setelah melayari perkahwinan kami selama dua tahun, saya dan suami @fattahaminz ingin berkongsi berita yang amat mengembirakan. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah SWT kami bakal menimang cahayamata kami yang pertama. Kandungan saya kini dalam bulan keempat, alhamdulillah. Kami sentiasa yakin akan peraturan Allah dan sesungguhnya ini merupakan waktu yang paling tepat bagi kami dikurniakan zuriat yang amat membahagiakan ini. Tiada yang lebih diutamakan dalam hidup kami sekarang melainkan yang tersayang. Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang sentiasa mendoakan dan memberikan ucap selamat kepada kami selama ini. Kami amat mensyukuri setiap detik dalam fasa ini dan hari-hari indah yang akan datang. InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih sekali lagi dari hati kami berdua. 🙏🏻❤️✨👶🏼 @fattzuralovelife

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I’ve never felt this blessed, to be granted this special gift of life,” Fazura said. “Since the day we got married, we have always trusted Allah SWT’s timing for what’s best for us. We’re so thankful to finally be able to have our very own blessing!” she added, assuring fans that mom and baby are doing well.

To welcome the pair into parenting life, we listed down these public milestones of whirlwind romance, which led up to their 2017 wedding of the year: 

1. Their first meeting

Fazura, 34, and Fattah, 27, started off on a professional note, co-starring in Hero Seorang Cinderella. Fazura posted photos of them together on Instagram on April 4, 2017, and though it looked like just another romantic drama, their chemistry is undeniable. 

2. The ‘’love blooming’’

As part of campaigns lined up for Hero Seorang Cinderella, the well-heeled pair showed up in full swing for various meet-and-greet appearances together—they barely left each other’s sides. 

Although Fazura and Fattah were technically appearing as themselves at events, it seemed like they had reprised the role of lovers quite comfortably. Their body language, eye contact, and overall bond was obvious. 

3. Malaysia’s top TV’s couple

After the last episode of Hero Seorang Cinderella was aired in June, Fazura and Fattah announced a collaboration on a second drama, Wanita Terindah, via Instagram on June 30. That beginning of #Fattzura ship began to sail. 

4. Visiting the Holy Land with family 

Family came into the picture as they performed a religious trip to Mecca on November 15. Fazura and Fattah were accompanied by both their immediate families for umrah, a sign that they were entering the next step of their relationship.

5. Officially engaged! 

Their engagement took place on November 13, right after their return from Saudi Arabia. In the press conference Fattah expressed that the engagement was kept under wraps to respect the privacy of both families. The couple looked stunning in a matching soft purple outfit. 

6. Officially Married!

Their private wedding had happened on November 27 at an undisclosed hotel in KL. The beautiful Fazura wore a pristine white Rizman Ruzaini baju kurung, with delicate bead and sequin embroideries. Fattah kept it clean and traditional, with a baju Melayu designed by Altelia Amani

7. The grand ceremony

The couple then threw a spectacular wedding-of-the-year reception on February 25, 2018. The evening affair saw the couple transform into modern day prince and princess. Fazura later changed into 2 gowns, a pink fairytale dress and a shimmery silver number complete with tiara. The couple’s outfits were created by top designer Rizman Ruzaini and the event made a reality by award-winning wedding planner Reka Teemor.

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