#FreeTheNipple: Is The No-Bra Movement For You?

Going bra-less is the latest fashion phenomenon in Malaysia, in which women of all races including local stars such as Izara Aishah, Uqasha Senrose and Ameera Khan (better known as Neelofa’s youngest sister) have been spotted out in public sans those restrictive undergarments.

From the looks of it, we believe that the no-bra movement has finally arrived in our country. Except that this time around, it is ignited in the name of comfort, convenience and style instead of political reasons.

No surprise, a controversial issue such as this will usually send the nation into a frenzy, since many can’t help but think that going bra-less is purely for shock factor.

But it’s not about them

First and foremost, let’s just all acknowledge that women are no longer spending hours dressing up for the sole purpose of pleasing their men. No, it’s not about that anymore.

It’s about building confidence and feeling a sense of self-satisfaction while experimenting with various outfit styles — and most importantly, playing dress up is incredibly fun, even if you’re not into fashion.

Besides, if you don’t own a pair of breasts, you’ll never understand that liberating them at the end of a long day is even more comforting than taking your pants off.

Is wearing a bra necessary?

In case you missed it, wearing a bra does not benefit the breasts from being deprived of gravity. As a matter of fact, the long-term effects of not wearing a bra showed that more muscle tissues can grow to provide natural support.

Huh, who knew that your breasts may actually look “perkier” without a bra due to all those extra muscle tissues? P/S: You can even save some $$$, because God knows how expensive undergarments can be.

Enter the no-bra look

Aside from comfort, women nowadays are blessed with a variety of cool garment designs which include the likes of tankinis, cut-outs as well as off-shoulder tops. You can basically wear these type of apparels with whatever you want, but in some cases, they may look weird when paired with a bra.

It goes without saying that going out bra-less could easily put you in a risky situation. However with these subtle tips, you’ll learn fresh, new ways to ditch the bra while looking fashionable (in a non-trashy manner). YES, girls! It can be done. Read on to find out how you can master this fashion-forward look:

Source: @asos_kicki

#1 – It is near impossible to wear a bra with a jumpsuit or dress that has a really low-cut front area. Heck, flashing a bra in this garment kind of ruin things, especially for something formal like a wedding or a nice dinner. You can get away with wearing nothing at all, but don’t forget to wear nipple tapes because in a moment of bad posture, bending over or just a light breeze is enough to expose all.

Source: @flamcis

#2 – For off-shoulder tops, no bra means zero exposed straps, which reveals a more streamlined silhouette.

Source: @asos_kicki

#3 – Again, you should always keep nipple tapes handy, as they allow you to wear pieces like this with real confidence rather than have your bra strap sticking out weirdly from the side.

Source: @flamcis

#4 – When paired with a blazer, the sheer top is just the right amount of see-through to reveal some but not all.

Source: @flamcis

#5 – If you feel like masking the fact that you aren’t wearing a bra, opt for a draped shirt or dress style. The movement of the fabric will distract from your lack of lingerie.

Now that you’ve got your wardrobe ideas sorted, question is – are you brave enough to go out in public without a bra? Let us know in the comments section.