“Freckling” Happens When Your Passionate Love Ghosts You

Freckles are so adorable, aren’t they? These little spots appear on your cheeks, nose and chin whenever you get some time in the sunshine.

But have you heard of the dating term “freckling?” It’s not as cute as freckles, and it’s probably the saddest thing to ever happen to a person.

Find out what “freckling” really is and see if you’re dating a freckler when you read the article below.

A freckler is vague


AskMen first coined the term “freckler” which meant something along the lines of a summer fling. Dating a freckler can be filled with uncertainty because they’re pretty vague when it comes to relationships. They’re neither 100% committed, nor do they plan to break up. They’re neither here nor there, but they would appear very passionately in love with you when it suits them best.

In Katy Perry’s Hot n’ Cold song, we feel pretty confident that she’s referring to her freckling fiance here. Whether you’ve known this freckler well or not, one thing’s for sure, you don’t actually know them as well as you think.

Frecklers are often present when you’re both horny

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OK, maybe you can’t let go of your freckler because the sex is so good. Summery weather always makes us feel extra hot and interested in taking our clothes off. So, he’s horny, and so are you. It’s safe to say that this is an agreeable arrangement, two people have sex consensually and are very satisfied. He may not be the best boyfriend, but he’s the best guy in bed.

The freckler ghosts you after a few months

Chop, chop! It’s time for your freckle to fade-out away from the sunshine. When the passionate sex is over and the sun sets, the freckler bids you goodbye for a while. He won’t respond to your texts, he won’t speak to you on the phone. You’ll just know that he’s gone.

He’ll soon reappear again, maybe as an old flame, or a summer fling, but you know he’s not “The One,” and doesn’t want to be. For now, he enjoys freckling, but you need to think about your love needs too. Don’t pine for him, because he probably doesn’t think of you until the summer comes.