5 Ways Forgive Yourself & Start The Year Fresh

The New Year is just a day away, and suddenly time seems to have passed really fast! There’s just so much thinking to do and resolutions to make for the New Year.

Did you regret anything you may have done in 2018? Were there any mistakes you wish you can take back? Have you accomplished whatever you promised yourself you would before the year ends? Wish you could have handled some situations better? Said some hurtful words that you didn’t mean? If these questions are playing in your mind right now and you’re starting to feel bad for yourself, don’t be.

It’s time to let it go and move forward! That’s what the New Year is for anyways, a clean slate for you to start over. But before you do that, here are a few things you can do to embrace the new you.

Forgive yourself

There’s really no way to undo past mistakes but you can make amends with them. It may take awhile especially when it comes to forgiving yourself but remember, forgiveness is a process. It does not happen overnight.

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Repair relationships 

New Year is also a time to seek forgiveness from the people you may have caused hurt in the past. Before you can start clean, clear the air and be the bigger person by saying, “sorry”. This simple word can do wonders to your soul and for that person too. If you’ve tried to fix the damage you’ve caused but it still doesn’t work, at least you know that you’ve tried and you can move on with your life without guilt and ‘what if’.

Realise you did the best you could have at the time 

Damn right! Right now, you could be thinking about how you could have done things better, but know this, the way we respond depends on the frame of mind we’re in, the skills we have and how we perceived the situation at that very moment. You could have acted out of survival or protection mode or even stress, which could make us to react to a situation poorly. Whatever it was, cut yourself some slack. It was never in vain because you learn from it.

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 Identify your biggest regret

This could you letting go of your dream career, not taking a chance on love or even the smallest thing like not spending time with your family. We all have that one regret that we think about from time to time! Identifying your regrets could be your new resolutions for the year. For example, you totally regretted not going after that hot crush of yours, hey new year, new YOU, take a chance and ask your crush out. Who knows, you could just end up with your life partner!

Embrace self-love 

The last step in moving forward is loving yourself. Even after you’ve forgiven yourself, you could still have a hard time accepting your past mistakes. Have a moment and remind yourself, your mistakes do not define who you are but what you want to be. You’re only human and we all make mistakes. Duh! So be kind to yourself, it’s all about moving forward and lingering in the past. Be better by learning what you did wrong.

Remember, there are 365 new days with 365 new chances for you. Happy New Year ya’ll!